Just call me ' Madge"

Just call me ' Madge"

Yes I've gone and done it ! I've bought myself a small scooter. After months of deep thinking, lots of denial ' I'm too young " etc, and years of having to sit every 10 minutes, wait on a bench while others go shop , enjoy the scenery from a distance I am now back in with the rest of the world. I can go shop , enjoy a stroll on the prom, and actually feel like I'm included. My Madge is a fold up type so it goes in the car beautifully, lifted of course by whoever has been kind enough to drive me about. It's handles are the lever type so no need for a strong grip and my speed dial goes from tortoise to hare, I'm still a tortoise ish , so I'm no speed queen just a little chug a bug enjoying life a bit more . 😀😀😀

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  • Go get 'em girl.!! You look great !!

    I have one of these,a fold down put in the boot Job and it has been great.

    I still won't use it in my local town mind you -(small market town in the middle of Wales - tongues wagging etc- too many nosy locals) but when we go somewhere out of town or on holiday it makes the world of difference to me I now have a choice between sitting in the car and waiting for everyone to return or join them and enjoy the fun.

    Happy motoring Phillylou.

    Wish you all the best.



  • Thanks Crusee, I've finally admitted to myself that I have limitations that are not going to lessen , OA and PsA along with this spine degeneration, scoliosis and stenosis mean my walking days are numbered but at least , as you say, it makes a world of difference mentally to be part of the outing rather than the handbag watcher, coat & luggage minder or the human car alarm 😀😀

  • Yes it does Phyllilou.it takes a great deal of courage to finally come to terms that you need a bit of assistance.Sounds like you have a lot of conditions going on there so you don't want any extra aggro going on on top.

    Enjoy your scooter and make the most of your trips out. I know I said I don't use mine locally for the reasons given but it has opened up a whole new world for me when I do get on it.

    The 24 hour Tesco in the next town to us is great around midnight .Not too many folk around and the aisles are clear- foot down and off to go.The management have asked me not to do wheelies on the corner by the deli as I keep knocking down the displays - joke !!

    Enjoy your new found freedom Phyllilou.



  • Looking good there Phillylou. I'll have to watch out for you when I'm on the Prom. Just got my Bus Pass and waiting on my Blue Badge now. That will make a big difference for you, have you got your L plates. Lol. Xx

  • Thanks lifeboatann, if the sun ever comes out again over us you might be lucky and spot me . Lol. X

  • You do right.your out and about ,never mind any body else enjoy.👍

  • Thats all that matters and they are handy for getting out and about xxx

  • Hi Phillylou..I like your 'Madge' where did you purchase this....I need one xx

  • Hello, sorry it's taken so long to reply, been on hols, I bought it in st.Annes , at a very reasonable price . If you message me will give you more details x

  • Hi Phillylou..hope u had a good holiday...please let me have more details about your 'Madge' xx

  • Hi Creaky, I got home Tuesday evening , lovely time . So my Madge is a Kymco K lite, they have a website so have a look and shop around . One shop in Cleveleys wanted £1235 ! Mine was just over half that price from a mobility shop in Lytham StAnnes . It comes apart into 4 pieces and fits really well in the boot . Happy motoring x

  • PhillyLou, You look happy now that you have your new wheels enjoy having your freedom back . OA is not fun how well I know myself . I have trouble getting around already some days. take care J. Quinn

  • You look great, PhillyLou. I've just bought myself a scooter and also a walker with wheels that has a seat and feet can be added to turn it into a wheelchair when required. They both make such a difference. I use the walker when I am in places where I can't take the scooter.

    My reasoning was that if I had been disabled from birth, I would be using every available advance in technology to help me get around and live the best possible llife. I may be temporarily disabled but that needn't stop me living life to the full until, maybe, better health comes my way. Enjoy yourself and agitate where necessary for even more facilities for disabled people. Hope the weather improves soon for you. Blessings.

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