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Bipolar Disorder and Pregnancy

I was recently interviewed for an upcoming production that will address bipolar ...

Is there a link between PP and birth trauma?

I felt I'd failed to give birth properly, I pushed for three hours and lost a lo...

Has anybody just suffered from psychosis without the depressive element?

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I am trying for another baby having suffered two episodes in the year following my first child.

What experiences have people had with subsequent pregnancies?

What are the key things you think health professionals should be taught about PP?

What things do you think your midwife/health visitor/GP/A&E doctor etc should ha...
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How many Mother and Baby Units are there in the UK, and where are they?

If we feel that it is vital that women diagnosed with PP have access to MBU's ho...

Is there an increased risk to your daughter of developing PP if you have had PP yourself and how should this be managed?