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2nd Baby


Hi my wife had PPP out of the blue in 2016 and then fully recover about 12-18months after. We then went on to have a second child in May 2019. Of which they started medications right away and we stabilized about 60-90 days later and avoid any hospitalizations. Recently my wife was weaned off her medications and she unfortunately has been hospitalized again 13 months after our 2nd. Symptoms not nearly severe as the first time. Has anyone else experience a similar scenario relapsing after being weaned off medications.

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Hello chadlink,

Welcome to the forum, where you will find lots of help and shared experiences. I’m so sorry to hear your wife has been hospitalized again, especially after things seem to have gone well in the beginning, I hope you are OK.

I had PP in 2015 after the birth of my daughter, but I do not have experience of relapsing after coming off medication, however, I’m sure there will be other mums, partners and family on here that will have similar experiences, that may be able to help and reassure you.

It is good that the symptoms do not seem to be as severe, but that doesn't take away from what has happened. We are here if you need us,

Take care,

Sally x


Hello chad link

Good to hear from you again although I’m sorry your wife is in hospital. I think I mentioned under your previous threads that I had PP twice many years ago. It was such a struggle for my husband at the time as he noticed my odd behaviour, similar to my PP six years earlier.

My relapse with my second son happened months into my recovery as I was trying to wean myself off medications, without medical supervision! I went downhill very quickly and from my notes, promised the psychiatrist that I would not do that again! Thankfully I wasn’t hospitalised but was in and out of different psychiatric units as I suffered what seemed like an endless deep depression.

I’m not sure if you already know of Postpartum Support International at postpartum.net/? They do have support in the USA which might be local to you, depending in which State you reside.

As sad as it is for your wife being apart from her family, she is in the best place to get better. Please remember to take care of yourself as at times it must be overwhelming. Have you been able to visit due to restrictions with Covid? I hope you have support around you and that your wife will be home as soon as she is well enough.

Thinking of you, your wife and family .... take care. We are here for you.

Sorry to hear about your experience... weaning off psychotropic medications , specialy antipsychotics (but not only) , can lead to a psychotic break in sensitive people...its technicaly called "supersensitivity psychosis" (neuroreceptors adapted to previous medication overreact to dopamine). Therefor the withdrawal of the medication should be done very slowly next time, in order to give time to the CNS to readapt its neuroreceptors. Just a posibillity of what can be happening to her

Thanks everyone! I think this might be a sign that this is something we will manage outside of postpartum but it’s just hard to understand completely because before our first baby she never experienced any other mental illnesses or episodes.

I was just curious any anyone else experienced something similar or had any advice.

I know she will get better again and I know she will need a lot of support after this. Covid will make aftercare and therapy much different I am sure. She is an amazing mother and I just want her home.


Hello chadlink

I think your wife is like many of us here, in that before our first babies we had never experienced any other mental illnesses or episodes. It does seem very unfair and overwhelming but in some small way it’s good that your wife’s symptoms are not nearly as severe as the first time.

I’m sure she is very comforted by your loving support and reassurance. It must be quite stressful going forward with Covid restrictions. Take care .

Thanks everyone!

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