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Compulsory Cesarean Sections


There is a new law giving Doctors permission to conduct C sections without my consent.

Does anyone know about this.

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A doctor can only give you a caesarean without your consent if a court makes that decision, usually saying that it is in your best interests under the Mental Health Act. A recent controversial decision says that now judges can decide in advance to allow doctors to peform a caesarean to avoid the death of the baby and/or the mother in the event that the mother loses capacity to make decisions about her birth during labour (even if she has capacity before labour). This decision was made for a woman who had bipolar and was likely to lose capacity during labour. Does this answer your question?

I should add - in that case the doctors did not actually perform a caesarean because the mother was able to give birth vaginally.


Hi Bluelady-sing

I'm not sure of the answer, and ColibriGirl has already given some information, which rings a bell with something that was in the media recently.

However, I'm sure you will be able to find all the information you need from the Birthrights organisation - 'protecting human rights in childbirth'.

And they may be able to advise you if you want support or advice about a particular situation.

I hope this is helpful,


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