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Challenge a diagnosis


Has anyone managed to get a diagnosis changed? Or pay for a private psych? Things are at rock bottom and I desperately need some help but my mh team are absolute crap

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Hi Bumblebeeee.

I have recently been in touch with my psychiatrist who has denied me a second opinion. I have told my GP that I am going private. he contacted me last week to go in and discuss the possibility of a second opinion.

I will let you know how I get on.


Good morning Bumblebee,

how are you at the moment?

I can not answer your question directly, but try to find a "common nominator".

My GP, who was absolutely wonderful throughout my recovery journey, put the diagnosis

"agora and social phobia" on my sick notes many times.

My partner and I were traumatised when I was sectioned as it was not an MBU. I experienced unreasonable behaviour and was in isolation, with a misdiagnosis. PPP was not known of amongst the members of staff in this mixed gender Psychiatric Unit.

My recovery was ongoing. I did not know that my traumatised experience, the ongoing Insomnia, intense fear and anxiety was part of my BP1, eventually diagnosed 8 years after PPP. I did not know that I have had a disposition of Bipolar and this most likely triggered PPP.

Maybe one ought to ask whether it is important for the individual to be labelled differently or whether it is important to have a diagnosis for quality of life.

I was referred by the same GP, who diagnosed angora and social phobia. I wanted a second opinion, because my recovery never came to an end and my personality was of a different kind. The exact opposite to what I used to be before PPP, but that is fine and I am in tune with it.

Could you get some advise from a community centre or Citizen advise bureau or even change to a different GP?

I am pleased we met Professor Ian Jones via skype twice, -thanks to general recommendations via APP. He was absolutely amazing, very thorough and a true professional, full of kindness.

In my opinion it is easier for my partner that I have a diagnosis...and I can reflect on options possible in order to keep well.

I never had the intention of actually changing a the end we wear loads of different hats and BP is just part of my fabric :-)

Look after yourself.


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Hi. I have asked to be refered to dr Ian Jones but my psych has refused it. They have given me eupd diagnosis which I find total rubbish. I know I have bipolar but they say my moods are up and down through out the day which is absolutely crap! Not true at all! They tried the therapy meant for eupd and it didn’t suit me at all so stopped that as they knew it was doing nothing for me. I just am stuck in a deep deep depression and I know I’m on the wrong meds for it. I feel like I’ve been left to suffer for long enough now

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Dear Bumblebeeee.

I have visited my GP today. She printed off a letter from my psychiatrist that states that I was displaying delusions of grandeur and mania. that is because I said I believed in God and that what goes around comes around. That being said, everyone who believes in God should be sectioned and given antipsychotics.

The psychiatrist has said that he wants a specialist in the trust to look at my notes, and I have also got my side of the story printed out ready.

I have been given every diagnosis in the DSM, from Paranoid Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, Post-Partum Psychosis, Postnatal Depression, Bipolar/PTSD.

The psychiatrist will not address the abuse I suffered at the hands of my ex-partners, my brothers and cousin and also I have narcissistic parents who have compounded the trauma I have been through. As you may know I have been in and out of hospital for years and blamed for all that has gone wrong in my family.

I have been to prison twice. MY daughter has turned against me even though I have done no wrong to her. This hurts like hell as I have only tried to protect my children from what I have been through.

I have mixed memories from my past, some good some bad. Some music is a trigger for me.

I try to focus on the good times with my children, like holidays, Christmas, Birthdays and their Christenings. I look at my baby photos daily to remind me.

I hope you find the restitution you are looking for after all these years like myself.

Best Wishes XX

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Good luck with everything. It sounds so hard. I hope you get the answers too x

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A lot of what u said sounds similar to my life. I have had many episodes problems with family. Its so important to look after yourself. Stsy away from stress/ stressful ppl. Try re build relations with your daughter if possible. I understand this esp but she is seeing things from a diff point of view. Try ignore what she says just slowly build up a relationship by spending time together

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Dear Bumblebee,

thank you for taking time to respond.

I do hope that you will find a health professional for support, somebody who can give you a choice and listen to your wishes in the way you want to move forward.

I always look for avenues in order to improve my mental health and negative and positive lived experiences are converted into knowledge for awareness raising or helping others in need.

Make sure you look after yourself , maybe journalise and brainstorm, which maybe useful in the long run to establish how you would like to get supported. I researched within my area, but also spoke to people I trust when trying to find a solution.

Having a good GP, feeling comfortable with the GP, and explaining exactly why it is important for recovery, lead to the my case.

Good luck.

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