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Information and opinions about Puerperal Psychosis

Hello, I am a student midwife just starting my dissertation which is on puerperal psychosis. I really hope you don't mind me asking for opinions on here.

I intend to discuss how midwives can recognise signs of psychosis, whether they have enough training to do this and to support their ladies. I am very interested in this subject and hopefully further my own knowledge to help women and am due to spend two weeks at an inpatient unit.

If anyone could give me their experiences or views on how knowledgeable or supportive midwives have, or have not been within their care that would be great.

Many Thanks

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My PPP was spotted (at week six) by an early childhood health care nurse at the ECHC centre in Sydney where I live. No one else said anything about it (GP, Obs or midwives) though I don't know if they had concerns but didn't say anything. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi GLottie,

We’re really delighted for anyone with a professional interest in Postpartum Psychosis to read the posts here but the rules for this forum are that it's a peer support forum & only for those with personal experience of PP (including partners & families) to post – it’s important to us that it remains a peer support forum rather than a place for health professionals to comment. If health professionals (including therapists, counsellors etc) would like to post a question to women/partners/families we ask that they do it through us - I'd be most happy to post a question for you at any point.

Your dissertation sounds like a very interesting one. We had an excellent twitterchat last week with #WeMidwives & the need for more PP training for midwives & an understanding of PP & it’s early symptoms was clearly apparent. If you weren't there, you might be interested in reading the transcript here:

You (anyone or any professionals) are very welcome to join in on any future #PPtalk twitterchats where you can freely ask questions & join the discussions. For the list of dates & topics see our Facebook page

If you haven’t found it yet, you might be interested in reading this important thread from a while back about the early warning signs:


I hope this helps & if there’s a specific question that’d be useful to you & other midwives that you’d like me to post on your behalf, please message me.

Good luck with your dissertation & I hope your time in the inpatient unit goes well!


I would be happy to answer any questions directly. If you wish, you can email me at


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