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Action on Pre-eclampsia
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Pre-eclampsia Long term effects

Hi Guys I have a question to ask I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at a early stage of my pregnancy I was acually 17 Weeks pregnant an as been told you normaly get it in the last stages of your pregnancy.... Anyways I gave birth to my son at 22weeks as that was my only option as my Blood pressure was out of control an swelling was very bad I suffered fits and also minor stroke......

This happened in 2008 it's now 2016 so approx 8yrs ago i suffered after giving birth with werid pains travling up my left side of my head to though out the hole left side of my body doctors said nothing was wrong on X-rays ect

OK so today 8yrs later I'm still suffering with pains in my left leg where I can't do anything an this has been happing ever

My blood pressure was 130 over 180 an doctors don't understand how I was still alive has anyone had this as iv been told no one has had pre ecla at 17 Weeks please help

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I'm sorry to read that you are in pain after such a long time. I hope you have been referred to an expert for help. I think you are correct that most women who get pre-eclampsia do so in the later stages of pregnancy ( I had an eclampic fit at 31 weeks but thankfully I survived as did my daughter who weighed just over 1 kg.) but I believe it can also show up at about 20 weeks, which is not too much different to 17 weeks. You were clearly very unlucky. Good luck for the future. You deserve some good fortune.


Hi I was 1st taken in for 4 days bed rest with pre-eclampsia at 16 weeks. And over the years been told it doesn't start that early, obviously it does. My daughter is 27 now, I fitted in labour but thank god we both survived after a emergency c section. It's strange you say about pain in your left leg, I had a similar thing pain in my leg. Have been given pregablin after a MRI showed nerve ending problems in my spine which I'm now under neuro surgeon. I wish you well and hope the pain gets sorted very soon.


I have same pains and numbness in my hip and down to my toes. I am neurotin for nerve pain. This was due to nerve damage after 2 seizures and a stroke after eclampsia.


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