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Action on Pre-eclampsia
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Placental Abruption at 38 weeks

Hi , My name is Rawan, 28 years old. My story resembles many of the stories of PIF. I was diagnosed with placental abruption at the day of my delivery. I was rushed to the hospital with no contractions or vaginal bleeding. the doctor did a pv. and said I was 2 cm dilated. when the doctor started screening on the ultra sound I felt something was wrong I was deep inside sure something was wrong with my baby. Finally an OB approached me and said that there was no fetal heart beat and that my baby died few hours ago and that there isn't a specific reasons why abruption happens at this stage of pregnancy. I was given an induction medication. the pain was un bearable but I was standing strong. my tests before the delivery were really bad my bp was 150/100, two albumin ++, help syndrome positive , elevated heart beats. Right after I delivered baby Amin (boy) I started bleeding heavily the doctors tried to save my life ( I bled for continuous 5 hours) during the era all I thought about was baby and how beautiful and peaceful he looked..

deep inside I believe that God has an aspect for what happen and I my faithful and thankful. All I hope for is another pregnancy. Its been four months now. I remember him 10,000 times a day

How soon can I get pregnant? I've had two periods since birth although I was lately diagnosed with a PCO'sh ovary!! please help me with an answer if anyone has experienced anything like that..

i'm also thinking of taking clomid if I turn negative this month

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Hi Rawan, So sorry to hear about your loss...cannot advise much as I am in the same state. Miscarried at 20weeks...same placental abruption and then one test diagnosed me with Lupus positive and Antibodies negative...i am now pregnant and was diagnosed both negative again... but my doc in india had asked me to take clexane injections daily. But the doc here where I reside says not necessary to continue throughout...right now i am in a state of juggle where all doctors are juggling with me and my baby... i am just going to be optimistic and put all my faith in Him for this pregnancy to go well...there hasn't been a day where i do not think about my first child...but yes...God does miracles in His own ways and we can only trust his choices...All the very best for planning and Inshallah things will work out as planned.


Hi Caljase, thank you for your warm words:)

I was tested for Lupus and antibodies but they came out negative. I'm so happy for you and I hope things turn out good for you. don't worry everything will fine and you'll have a healthy baby. My advice for is seek for another opinion concerning the injections.