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Action on Pre-eclampsia
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Preeclampsia in second pregnancy

I had severe preeclampsia in my last pregnancy in 2004 spotted at a routine antenatal appointment at 29+6 weeks and ended of delivering at 30+1 weeks he weighed 2lbs 8oz. I had high BP, protein and swelling. I'm now pregnant with my second currently at 30+1 weeks. My last growth scan at nearly 29 weeks they estimated my baby at 2lbs 7oz on 10th centile. My BP started to rise at 20 weeks and they put me on Labetalol.

My BP was high again yesterday at my midwife appointment so got sent straight to the day unit for BP profiling, bloods and urine all negative.

I'm obviously watching for things to start happening again but wanted to know if the symptoms second time around are different, how likely am I to get it again, and how severe if it did happen again.

I'm lucky because I am being monitored closely see the midwife every week and consultant every 4 weeks after my scans.

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I am so pleased that you are being monitored so closely and wishing you well and your baby, please discuss this with your midwife it's horrible to have all this worry and she may be able

to reassure you

Best wishes for the future


Hey, I just went through your 8month old post. Could you pls update. Unfortunately i I lost my boy in 14 days after birth due to imminent eclampsia with HELLP syndrome. He was born in 29.3 weeks but contracted severe infection on 13th day. All this has happened very recently and I am trying to find out the possibility of planning at the earliest again to come out of my loss and preserve my mental stability n peace.


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