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hi there,

I have recently had pre-eclampsia and you can read my post. Just need to know if there is any long term affects to me after this.

I did not develop hellp syndrome but was very close to having a stroke or eclamptic fit. My consultant has said that because i have had pre-eclampsia at such i early stage i am likely to develop it again. Will it be as serious next time? Should i be worrying? I am so scared to have another baby but really want one.

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Dear Haj 2014, As you got pre eclampsia so early it does increase your risk of getting it again however no one could tell you whether you definitely will or whether it would be more or less severe. Please give yourself a little more time to get over what has happened to you and try not not worry about what might happen. (Easily said I now).

Your consultant and GP should be able to go through all of this with you and we are here for you too at APEC. Please look on our Facebook page too, or post on there, as our readers are a very supportive lot and there to offer you lots of information about their own experiences. Very best wishes, Ann Marie


you are best to consult with a specialist and have careful monitoring during your next pregnancy. It is more common with a first but you can get it with a second etc. I had pre-eclampsia with my first but not my second.

There are now also some recommended treatments such as calcium and asprin but you need advice.


I am sorry to hear about your heartache. I really thought by now the medical professionals would be better with their diagnosis. I was 31 weeks pregnant so had gone a few weeks longer than yourself but had swollen legs, feet and face as well as protein in my urine. The midwife at my hospital appointment did not alert me to any major concern and sent me on my way back to work. It was in fact a work colleague who told me I needed to be careful. 5 days later with diarrhoea and a headache I phoned a doctor twice within 24 hours and was told I had a bug and to take half a paracetamol. Shortly after this I had an eclampic fit. I was rushed to hospital for an energency C. My daughter who was 2 lb 10 oz luckily survived as did I. My daughter will be 24 in a couple of weeks and I've had no trouble since then. I chose not to have any more children, however, as I was told I had a 1 in 10 chance of it happening again. You are very young so with specialist care and help from APEC ( which was only set up after my experience) I think you should definately try again. If at all worried though I would go straight to the maternity hospital and not to the doctor. In my hospital they have wards for 'bed rest' if they suspect pre-eclampsia. Good Luck. You will make a great mother.


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