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Does my 5yr old daughter need help?

My 5yr old daughter has recently started eating much less than she used to. Today for instance her lunch was 3 small new potatoes, a small portion of fish and some vegetables. She ate a potatoe. I'm getting really concerned as she says she's hungry then wont eat. She's always been such a good eater and yet now she's eating very little. I don't understand. I don't want to lose my daughter. Help!!

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Hi-ya Hayley,

You must be so worried. Try not to panic though, there are so many reasons why little ones appetites fluctuate and not many of them are sinister. I wonder why your first thought was of an eating disorder? Go to you GP. Ask him/her for advice; explain all your concerns. I'm sure they'll be able to reassure you.

Keep in touch; let us know how you get on.



Good advice. Reassurance is so important


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