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Keeping warm and not freezing


Not understanding or having the common sense to understand body temperature can make one subject to how other people think they feel in the weather and how they think I/you should be when affected by the heat or cold.

Privileged people have heat sources, water supplies, tools, as well as food, clothes and money but still struggle to keep what they get because it’s the done thing to have a house, job, wife or husband. Never mind friends and family.

These stresses take their toll on everyday life and can be frustrating but mindful moments as well as distraction helps sometimes. Just to do some thing different or learn something new no matter how small can change an attitude.

“One word can lift us from all the weight and pain of life that word is love” by anonymous, Little pink book of love.

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Life can be so confusing but it's good to pay attention to the details and value what is important to you , it's those precious little things in life that sometimes people take for granted until they don't have them anymore. I try to battle my depression and anxieties by doing daily things that make me happy or atleast feel at peace . Things that are like positive distractions that then become reasons to be happy

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