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Finally have an appt


So after waiting for 7 months to see a psychiatrist for a med review I finally have an appointment! I actually stood up for myself. Got a call that I had an appt with a “decision guide” who supposedly would tell me where to go from here. I called back and said “you DO realize I’ve been waiting for 7 months for A MED REVIEW?” I don’t need groups, I don’t need pamphlets I need my medication checked cuz it’s been 20 years and I don’t feel like it is at a therapeutic level. .... I see the psychiatrist next Thursday. Really? You’ve been screwing me around all this time? How many times to I have to repeat myself?! This had better be a real person CD telemedicine and they had better be damn invested in my time.

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Well done ---unfortunately you do have to keep pushing for what you want.Don't let them make you feel you don't deserve any help & keep asking & asking until you get what you need . Hope appt goes well xxx

Mgmouse in reply to joanna21

After the 7.5 months to see the psychiatrist I now have to wait until the end of October to see my family doctor to get the changes the psychiatrist made out into place. I may cry. Actually, I think I will go to my clinic and see if my doc is available - or not - I will be in her face either way. I can’t stand this anymore

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