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Uneven weight gain


Hey so I weigh about the same as my pre-ed weight but my body looks different. I’m a dancer so I had lots of muscle in my legs which I lost through my ed. It seems that all the weight has gone to my thighs, hips and bum. Which is weird because I used to be so flat but it’s nice to actually have a bit of a curve haha. My calves are still a bit thin or thinner. Has anyone experienced this and how long did it take to redistribute evenly ??

Also does anyone know about overshooting like does it happen to everyone because I don’t know if I’m gonna keep gaining or not but I need to buy clothes for holidays. Any help appreciated Xx

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Does take time to re-distribute - varies with individuals. Hope you're on a meal plan with support from dietician - usually they guide you through your needs to gain weight and it does gradually stabilise as your body gets used to the input - clearly exercise also affects this. ABC has a really good website and helpline which you could also access.

Thanks so much, not a meal plan but doctor told me to have protein shakes and protein bars and milk to gain all my muscle back but surely I need to gain fat before putting on muscle

Suggest you give ABC helpline a call and ask for help re diet - its so important to get a diet set for EDs - not just a generic GP's idea of helping - so do contact them - I am sure they would be able to advise you.

Currently re-learning to eat intuitively as I’ve gained all the weight back but just need a bit more to get my period back. Thanks so much, I have contacted ABC helpline

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