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Anorexia and overexcercise

Hi, I’m a 15 year old girl, 5 foot 7 and 109 pounds. I was diagnosed in October with anorexia nervosa. Before my diagnosis I was a cross country runner and while I was on the team I gradually made my portions smaller and smaller while my excercise was getting increasingly higher. My parents were beginning to worry when I started to take out whole food groups( mainly carbs- would freak out over a piece of bread). I am obsessed with healthy eating and am constantly looking up if foods are “healthy” I still have these good phobias. Running became my life, and I’m now on the track team only because it is the most social interaction I have. I go to two practices a week(this is what my nutritionist suggested). I became obsessed with excercise as well and even though I’m not supposed to, I do around an hour of working out in my room. I can’t go a day without excercise and it’s scaring me. The only reason I’m not losing any more weight at the moment is the fact that I drink two boost + a day (360 Calories each) and banana pb smoothies. My parents now have to make all my meals and watch me eat. I am afraid to eat out at restaurants and I have Ruined my families lives with ED. I have gained 5 lbs since diagnosis and it is a slow process. How do I resist the urge to excercise? Also, a lot of times I don’t even think I have a problem, but when I know I do, I don’t want to let go of anorexia. How do I help myself recover?

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Maybe reducing food intake for a day and skipping exercise may help you break the habit of exercise. Increase your food intake after you break the habit


There's no simple fix to anorexia I'm afraid - long experience has taught me its a journey which takes a lot of courage - so great that you've got some support as it is important to be supported and helped. Unfortunately - like eating more - reducing exercise is down to you - people can help and support but only you can eat and only you can stop the exercise. I found it really hard to do this - but cut down gradually by 5 - 10 minutes per day for a week - then a further 5-10 minutes the following week - gradually I got to a target of 20 minutes walking per day - and actually it didn't kill me - it didn't cause me to gain vast amounts of weight rapidly - despite me not eating any less (which of course is the other challenge when you don't exercise) - so why not try to gradually cut back - put the change in place for say a week - then do the same the following week - it worked for me. Good luck.

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Hey. I get you. I am bullimic and I sort of over exercise. I walk very fast (and faster than I jog actually) and I used to walk twn miles a day and exercise at home /go to a gym for half an hour. I have stopped doing as much because I have Uni that distrupts me from exercising. So I guess maybe something that distrupts your routine. Also, to try and be better, I have been restricting food groups but not calories. I have recently become vegetarian and I stopped eating most carbs so when I eat, it is on my terms and I sort of feel in control. THOUGH I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO RESTRICT becaus obviously that just feeds the ED. I am just telling you my experience. Hope this helps and hope you get better.


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