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Paranoid about recovery symptoms

The symptoms I'm having in recovery (bloating, binge eating, excessive hunger, etc) are all symptoms of things such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes and even binge eating disorder. So how am I supposed to determine if what is happening to me is because of recovery, or if I have developed another disorder/disease.

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Are you getting any support during your recovery - if not I suggest a trip to the GP to get an ED referral - ABC website and helpline might also be good for you. Putting labels on symptoms often is unhelpful - its about what your relationship is to your body and food - and that's what you need help from a counsellor to sort out - so if you're not getting support at present please do seek some help and support to guide you through recovery - its a hard and often impossible journey to take alone from my experience of many years thinking I could do things myself.


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