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Eating disorder clinic want to "'urgently'see me- what happens next?

My blood test results showed low iron and extremely low vit D that is effecting my bones. The doctor said my bmi shows I'm very underweight.. The doctor rang the ED clinic and they urgently want to speak to me and will be in contact within a week.. is this a normal time period to wait and what actually happens at an ED clinic? It's only finally starting to sink in that I have an ED and still doesn't seem true...

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Firstly - don't panic - it really good your GP has picked this up now and referred you to an ED specialist - so many have to fight to get this treatment - you usually start with a general assessment and "chat" session - so make the most of it and see what help they offer - ABC/BEAT websites might give more info too. Good luck,

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Thank you very much crazycrossstitcher :)

I'm so relieved that the GP referred me, however I am still so shocked the clinic deemed me as "urgent," I've heard about others who seem to be in much more urgent need of treatment than myself and in my mind there is still no problem and I feel like I'm wasting everyone's time and taking the place of someone who truly needs help. However I've been feeling weak and lethargic all day and not got out of bed today and I imagine that's my deficiencies, and I even ate some vegetarian Calzone today to prove to myself I can eat more and now my stomach is really hurting...

Thank you I shall have a look at them websites.

Thank you and best wishes x


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