Crisis yesterday

Hi all. Hope everyone is feeling positive and continuing on maintaining or embalking on your recovery journey. I ended up I'm accident and emergency yesterday...severely dehydrated,resting heart rate of 42, severe itching,chest pain and palpitations. Was given IV fluids,piriton,paracetamol, andansetrone,diazepam and several gtn tablets and aspirin. Was very poorly. Minor heart attack and poorly from introducing too much food,too carbohydrate based. Was told was lucky didn't develop refeeding syndrome. Left with gtn spray as angina....all related to being severely malnourished. Went to see local crisis team. They said I looked exhausted....well I am. Have eaten today,breakfast,lunch,dinner and snacks....loaded a sample meal plan for individuals with anorexia and went out shopping for ingredients. Psychologically I am ripped onto little pieces but I am going to and will, do this. Really appreciate everyone's support both past and present xx

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  • Glad to hear you so positive and continuing your recovery journey - and that you have some support - hope physically you don't have any more set backs.

  • You sound so positive after everything and that's great to hear, you're being really strong 😊you're right, You can do this Xx

  • Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. You are doing so well , stay strong and fight it , you deserve more xx

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