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Am I mentally obsessed?

Hi guys,

I'm knew to this. I'll keep it short and simple. I'm a health freak I don't eat anything that's fatty or has anything to do with carbs. I take a laxative tea every morning to s**t out everything ive eaten as i don't want anything to stay in my body, few people at my work say I'm just bones and I don't need to lose anything however I don't see myself like that. My boyfriend is a personal trainer and he thinks I'm mentally obsessed with my weight I'm 7.5 stone, I'm 20. I'm not unhappy I love my life however I go gym 3-4 times a week to also shred all the calories I eat throughout the day. I don't want to talk to anyone about it especially my boyfriend as he already thinks I'm mentally ill with all the weight stuff. Just need someone's opinion really.

Thanks for reading.

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From my own experience I resonate with what you are saying, and I would say what you are doing is not healthy. I suffered for many years with disordered eating; scared to eat too many calories, then scared to eat fat, then carbs, and on top of that I was in the gym all the time. it was an obsession I had for years and I did not benefit from it in any way. It limits your potential, your creativity, your opportunities, your enjoyment of life and your relationships. Life becomes narrower and narrower when you fixate on your body and weight.

Your body needs food to thrive and be healthy. Your metabolism needs food to be robust and working optimally. Dieting really messes with your metabolism and ultimately slows it down meaning gaining weight becomes so much easier once it's damaged through dieting.

Health and beauty come in all shapes and sizes and you need to work on body acceptance. What do you love to do? What lights you up? Get creative, nurture relationships, follow your passions and your heart, go to interesting places, help others less fortunate - just look at the world around you and see wonder and opportunity everywhere instead of being stuck in the dis-empowering story you are telling yourself about your body.

All the best, I know it's not easy but it is possible to let it all go and find peace with your body.


Thank you so much!

Its gonna be really hard for me to mentally get out of this stage but I will 100% try my best!

Thank you :)

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Our challenges make us stronger, wiser people, so see it as a way to expand yourself and grow as a person. Check out: psychologyofeating.com. Lots of good stuff there to support you. You can do it!

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I was anorexic and did similar. PM me anytime if you like. 7.5 stone seems low? You like that?


reading your post I think you do need help - your diet and exercise sound in healthy and may do long term damage to - I hope you will feel able to talk to your gp soon.


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