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Do I actually need help?

I've been going through cycles of binging and purging for the last 2 or so years, currently I'm looking to go to university and the whole Idea of living with strangers has prompted me to try and get help.

But recently I read that people can only be diagnosed with Bulimia if they b/p at least twice a week for a period of three months. I had a really low point when I was b/p 4 or 5 times a day, most days of the week, but as time's gone on I've managed to reduce that a lot, now I can sometimes make it a whole week without having to b&p, because I feel as if I've gained a bit of control over that and my diets changed to foods that I cant purge easily, but are super low in calories so I don't feel as bad for binging on them.

Does that then mean that I'm not actually bulimic because I don't fit the diagnosis anymore, and that I wouldn't actually get any help because of it?

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It sounds like you know yourself that you need help - I suggest you go to your GP and tell them how you feel, and be very clear about what's been going on for you - binging and purging can seriously damage your health. With you going to university soon I would do this asap - changing circumstances can really trigger things from my experience - you can also get confidential advice from ABC or BEAT who both have helplines.


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