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Exactly the same

Wow, this is exactly what I went through, anorexia the bulimia then saw a councillor then a hypnotherapist. To be honest the only thing that has helped me is going on antidepressants, sertraline, which is proven to help many people. I have now had 3 months of CBT (nhs funded) which has been amazing. I have stopped being sick altogether (3x in past six months) and although I do still have phases of binging, I'm in one now :( I am so much better than I was and the main thing is that I'm not ruining my body with the binge/vomit cycle. Cbt will help you to identify coping mechanisms. Also, roughly how many calories do you eat per day (on a normal non purge day)?x

(I should probably add that I didn't take the antidepressant route lightly and over the past year have managed to half my dose but am not quite ready to come off them completely).

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That's great news, gives me reassurance that its possible I just find it difficult to distract my self, what is CBt and hiw did you get that help? Thank you for your advice really means a lot


Oops meant to post that as a reply to you not a seperate post! Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is the most common type of psychological treatment for bulimia. It involves talking to a therapist and looking at your emotions in detail to work out new ways of thinking about situations, feelings and food. It may also involve keeping a food diary, which will help determine what triggers your binge eating.

You can pay for it (the BEAT website can help with this) or get it on the NHS (by going to your GP) I was told my waiting list was up to 18 months, which was a complete joke as I was utterly desperate at the time but I managed to start treatment after 6 months on the waiting list.

If when/you get to see a therapist it's so important that you are really ready and willing to change and that you trust him/ and what they say. That's the only way I have learned, by thinking, what have I got to loose, and doing as they tell/advise me to do.x


I too have found CBT very good. I got it on the NHS. There was a bit of a wait. There are some good books/booklets out there which can be useful whilst you wait.

all the best


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