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not really sure

Personally I don't think Im unhealthy but everyone keeps telling me how small I am and my parents keep asking me to eat more and talk to someone or go to the doctor so I just figured I would do it for their benefit really...

I'm 5'2 and a uk size 4 some times a 2 with a 21/22 inch waist and 30 inches around my hips and chest so just wondering if anyone could confirm im fine for me please?

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I used to eat to get others/ keep people off my back. To make others think I was ok. It is part of the course i think.

You will never see yourself as small or thin enough even if a tiny logical part of your brain says you're thin and bones protrude. An ed will tell you you're fat to keep you using your ed. It's unlikely you know why but if you accept there is a problem seek some help.

good luck



Hello amess :) Possibly asking people with ed's is not going to give you the answer you need, about your body stats!! Consider asking your GP for their opinion, and make sure you take along mum or dad! Then whatever the outcome "you guys will all be on the same page". Good luck xoxo :)

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Clothes size does not always help when asking if you have an ED - its about BMI - and also just as much about how you view food and your attitude to your body - counting calories, exercising to excess, obsessing about food etc etc - I suggest you need to get advice from your GP - get them to guide you as to whether you are underweight - its just as serious to be below weight as over weight.


I agree that you should go and talk with your GP. If you are underweight then you may not be eating enough even if what you are eating is "healthy". Insufficient quantities will be leading to long-term hidden damage.

with best wishes


You can look up your bmi.


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