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Does anyone have a parent suffering from anorexia?


My mother who is in her fifties has had a eating disorder as long as I can remember (I'm in my thirties). She was committed to hospital about twenty years ago initially by my grandmother and at the beginning of last year she voluntarily went to a eating disorder unit and was there for about seven months. Her weight improved during this time but the underlying mental issues were not addressed. Since then she has now removed herself from all care apart from her GP and her bmi is now below 14 and her weight is 5 stone. I have tried everything I can by speaking to health professionals at the unit and her GP but she has said she would rather die than go back to the unit. I need some advice or help please as I am not ready to lose my mother and my children their granny. I fully understand and appreciate that this is a mental disorder but I am at my wits end. Her organs are failing daily but I can't get any help. I would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone xx

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