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Do you have a hard time eating while in treatment?

Here's something I wrote to help if you have troubles that are making it hard to eat now ....


Eat soft, bland foods that are cold or room temperature. Protein shakes, soups, pureed vegetables, fruits and scrambled eggs are great, too, says Simone Gloger, registered holistic nutritionist at Dukan Diet. Simone also suggests frozen fruit as a cool, soothing substitute for popsicles.


Grated ginger in pureed soups or made into a tea may help. Dry, whole grain bread, crackers and baked potatoes settle the stomach. “Outside of these recommendations and the vitamin B I (vitamin B deficiency leads to nausea), if a patient still isn’t feeling like eating, I suggest favorite comfort foods! This will discourage protein energy malnutrition and cachexia (a metabolic state where the body breaks down),” says Simone.


A high-quality multivitamin with zinc can help, or taking a zinc supplement with approval of your doctor. Also, often cancer patients can’t tolerate eating meat. If this is the case try incorporating protein smoothies/meal replacements to prevent muscle loss.


Eat small amounts more frequently if you feel full with just a few bites

Schedule mealtimes if you just don’t feel hungry, so you’re sure to eat

Eat more when you’re hungry. Sounds like common sense, but sometimes we train ourselves to go easy on the chow!

Limit fluids during meals. Liquids can fill you up

And know, what feels like the worst of times are typically followed by an upswing. You will more than likely get to a better place!

You can visit for more on nutrition and how we can care for ourselves moving forward after the "little c"

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Try also buttermilk and manuka honey.jhave yet to throw up or have a sore throat yet and it has been 18 months.good luck and may God keep you strong.