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It’s spring!


Happy 1st day of spring everyone!

It’s finally here. Spring! A time of renewal. A new bright day after the long dark period of winter. A time to get out in the great outdoors and shrug off the doldrums of the cold, energy sucking just past. A time for....SNOW! Yep, a good many of us here in the Midwest and most of the northeast woke to several inches of snow this morning with more coming down by the minute.

As many of you who have followed my past posts know, this type of weather does not do my cognition any favors. I could tell it was coming. I started feeling myself retreating into the darkness late last night and looked at the weather forecast to confirm. All I can do in these situations is stay indoors as much as possible, stay as warm as possible and hope for the best.

So far, I believe I am at least partially succeeding. I have been able to stay clear enough to compose this little missive with only 6 or 7 rewrites to make it readable and that’s only taken a couple of hours. Not bad for me in a down phase.

But honestly, I’m ready for some nice weather. I’m ready to start taking some walks and explore around our new neighborhood. Not so long ago, I was walking 3-5 miles/day then I began to forget where I was while I was out and how to get home. It kinda scared me to be 3 or 4 miles from home and have no idea of where I was, how I got there or how to get home so I mostly stopped my walks. But now that we’re in the new neighborhood, I’m determined to start again. I’m going to get my wife out, go at a much slower pace and shorter distance, and get my butt in gear again. It’s amazing how much that helps to keep me clear.

Just as soon as Mother Nature remembers that spring started today and warm weather is supposed to be here.

Take care


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Ditto. I wish my cabin fever would break sometime soon.


I will think of you poor gentlemen this morning as I am out tending my cannabis garden in 75 degree sunshine, replete with flip-flops and cargo shorts. The only way to farm!

jeffcobbAmbassador in reply to jeffcobb

I don't have roses like you do but here are a couple from my garden this morning. Jeff loves spring too.

Spring in the desert is great.

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