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Knowing there are many people in my same situation as caregivers, I would like to offer my sentiments. There is a plethora of information out there about caregivers and how important it is to get adequate sleep, exercise, eating right, chilling out, etc etc etc. in order to maintain our health as caregivers. They also Talk about the importance of getting away. That's all well and good and I appreciate the suggestions and advice. However, nobody offers any help in providing onhand caregiver assistance so one can get away for a day or two. Health insurance does not include caregiver assistance and Hospice's respite care involves the patient being sent to one of their sponsored facilities. Well in my situation sending my wife to a facility is out of the question for a variety of reasons which I won't go into today. I have used home care services in the past but the cost is prohibitive except for a rare one maybe two days. My question I guess is how in the world can a caregiver get away for a few days? Any comments\suggestions,. will be appreciated.

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I forgot to add that I am not looking for a free handout, merely possible availability of affordable respite care, if there is such a thing.


Hi Chuck,

Riverside County has a senior help & support number - 800-510-2020.

According to this page, they do offer respite care:

Hope this helps. All the best.


Thanks so much, Christian. I will give them a call.


Hey Chuck,

I know this is a really dumb question and I apologize in advance for asking for I'm sure this has already been in the forefront of your thinking. But, are there no relatives (siblings, children, parents, etc) or friends who could step in and lend a hand for a day or so. It seems that if there were that the familiar may be a better option. Surely they would understand your need for rejuvenation.

Again, I'm sorry to be of so little help but this was one of my only relieving periods during my parents illness. I wish you well.



I appreciate you responding, Poppygail. The only relatives we have are two adult children who do what they can. However, they both have full time jobs and would have to take time off to care for mom. Also because of my wife's colostomy, which is where she needs most help, they are both "grossed out" at the idea of taking care of that. Daughter lives nearby and will help with meds food, etc but that's it.. Oh well, it is what it is. Thanks again.


I totally understand the colostomy, my father had one. Not at all pleasant but you do what you gotta do, right? They would do the same for us. Best of luck


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