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A new sleep doctor

A few days ago I saw a new sleep doctor. This one, I believe is actually interested in finding out why I only sleep ~1 1/2 hrs/night instead of just throwing meds at the problem. I hate it when they do that. I have fired two sleep docs because of it. I have a script pad. I could write myself drugs if I were 1. Unethical and 2. Uninterested in finding out what my underlying problem is.

This doc seems to have a high suspicion of narcolepsy. The fact that I almost fell asleep talking to her didn't hurt but when I told her about falling asleep while in the shower and falling out the shower door into the floor just solidified the idea. (Thought I'd broken my hip on that one.) Rather than willy nilly adding another med which most likely will play havoc with my dementia, she wants to do a PSG and MSLT. I've taken sedatives, muscle relaxers, anti anxieties, etc... before and almost always have strange reactions. I stay awake for extended periods or do complex chores in my sleep without any awareness. So finally. We're doing something. May not find out anything but at least she's trying.

My point here is whether you're the patient or caregiver, if your physician isn't living up to what you expect or doesn't really seem to be making any effort to uncover your problem, you don't have to put up with it. They work for you. You can fire them and find another, more knowledgeable, caring doctor. Of course you must do your part and become an educated consumer of the medical care you seek. If not, you get oowhat you deserve. It

Stay alert to the changes that are occurring everyday and be your own (LO's) best advocate. And enjoy the rest of your day.


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