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Second opinion nightmare

So I my husband and I went to get me a second opinion because I didn't want to have "CTE resulting in global dementia".

And I finally get his opinion back and he says all fanciful wording that I failed the test so badly that I had to be faking because I'm too young for what I was diagnosed with. And he gave me the personality test and stress test even though I told him the first doctor told me I wouldn't be able to understand it and I would only make it show a bunch of mental disorders. He said he would put his degrees against the other doctors and made me take the test in the lobby. I failed it and it showed I had several mental disorders. He gave me the other test a few times and I guess I failed them which showed my recall and cognitive are bad.

He had totally discredited the other doctor as soon as I walked in the room when I told him my diagnosis, saying that sine i didn't get diagnosed with it a John Hopkins or Chicago Boston or new York then he wasn't taking the word of some run of the mill.

I was given the same tests expect the first doctor got a social history as well like an hour and half season talking with me and my husband.

I have to live this way, not this guy. I went to him HOPING against hope that he would tell me there was hope for me, but to tell me that I'm a faker, is bull***. If I was faking I'd fake smart so I could have my drivers license again!!!!!!


Now what? A third opinion? ? Any suggestions?

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That is frustrating. Is the purpose of the testing to determine a course of treatment for you?


I don't know what your diagnosis is or what your symptoms are, but I do know I have been through 20 years of mis-diagnosis by specilists who do not believe me. I finally was diagnosed correctly at a University Training Hospital (University of Kentucky).. My daughter works at University of Toledo Hospital, and she recommends these hospitals because they prefer difficult cases as learning techniques. Just a suggestion. So many doctors over the years have made be feel stupid, but they just want to feel their ego. Keep reseraching on internet via Mayo Clinic, gov edu sites, and other .gov sites for CTE. The library was a life saver for me to prove to myself that I was being mis diagnosed and ignored. I followed so many lines of thought down rabbit trails until I narrowed down MS. Finallly,, after 53 years I get the correct diagnosis, when I knew in my "gut" I didn' have all the other lables!! So I pray sarah, you find the right specialist for your husband.


I am so sorry for all you have gone through. Did you ask your doctor regarding a second opinion? Did you explain you wanted one? If you are confident in your first doctor talk to him and let him know what the second opinion said. When I was diagnosed by my internist whom I trust and likes she asked me if I wanted more tests and see another Dr. Since I had a CAT Scan that was all I needed. I hope you have a Doctor you can trust. Good Luck


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