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I am not at the point that I need a caregiver but I could use some help. My children know this and say they will help but they do not and are not reliable. I do have a friend of the family who works full time but makes time to balance my checkbook. I do not want to ask her for more help. I have three other people who are willing to help. One lives an hour away, one works full time and very busy with her family and one who will help but she is leaving for Florida.

The problem I have is I have expressed to my children that I could use some help but they not. I have brought this up numerous times . That leaves me with no help. I live alone and I do not always need help except on bad days.


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I don't know how old you are but if you receive medcare you might be able to receive 20 hours of help a week for shopping etc or pirate insurance might offer or if you receive disability social security you should be able to receive free help Also look into your local churches you don't have to be a member A lot of them have volunteers they will help Also you could call aging agency in your area they might be able to give you information


I am 71 years old. not do not qualify for anything through Age and Disability's. My income is 400 dollars a month more than what is required. Plus my husband passed away v. I have private insurance through my husbands retirement which is great but it does not cover help. Thank you for your suggestion.


You could also look into senior services through your county department of health and human services.


Thank you but I do not qualify


What did your children say when you said you needed help?

You might think about having a family meeting. Some need to put your thoughts down in writing. Be direct. (I NEED YOUR HELP WITH .....) name what you need. ie. "I need you to come with me to the grocery store once a week...".

I hope for the best for you. ♡

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Dear frustrated, I'm sorry that you are having a hard time getting the help you've asked for, I would suggest contacting your county. There are people that can come and assist with things like that. Good luck I hope that helps.



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