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Concussion Treatment and Recovery Steps

Concussion Treatment and Recovery Steps

After using the concussion symptom checklist, several readers have asked for information on concussion treatment and recovery guidelines.

In response, we have developed a brief guide that summarizes current best practices for concussion treatment and recovery.

Concussions cause an acute energy crisis in the brain, primarily during the first 7-10 days after sustaining a concussion. In a process called the concussion neurometabolic cascade, the brain experiences a severe crash in glucose levels, along with reduced cerebral blood flow.

Giving your brain the time to heal during this critical 7-10 day window after a concussion is very important. Most re-injuries (additional concussions) happen within the first two weeks of the initial concussion, if normal activities and sports are resumed before *all* concussion symptoms have resolved.

This concussion treatment guide details the six concussion recovery stages, starting with complete cognitive rest, and ending with a return to normal activities when all concussion symptoms have resolved:

Concussion symptom checklist:

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I hope everyone who sees ChristianElliott's "Concussion Treatment and Recovery Steps" listed in "Pinned Posts" will read this valuable information and save it in case they ever need it for themselves or someone else. When I had three concussions over many years, doctors only told me to take it easy for a while. One of these times a relative insisted that I take his child swimming in the pool at my hotel. I did; neither of us drowned, but I was stupid to comply with the request. The two times I fell on concrete last year were followed up by CT scans, which revealed no damage. Now 86, I sometimes use a walker and seek curb cuts when I exit a vehicle and walk from street to sidewalk. And I avoid vertigo by staying hydrated.