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I feel a need to share this....i am going to a new dr that told me herh story...she all of a sudden got fatigue tired muscle aches hair loss skin issues you name it and kept getting worse....she went to one dr after another and each wanted to label it and give her pills but she said she knew there had to be a cause but everyone brushed that off so she went back to school to add a naturpath license to her MD license and MOLD kept coming up with so many symptoms so she checked for mold at her home calling in a mold removal company that come to your house and check moisture levels etc and she was shocked. they found it in her walls of her home and although she couldnt see it , she as sick as a dog already diagnose with auto immune and RA etc and could barely walk......it is also common to find it in air ducts and heat /air units etc bathroom , etc......long story short...she is completely well now and wonders how many are misdiagnosed....they are a list of many systems you can google and everyone doesnt have all of them and also sometimes one person is highly sensitive to it so a husband may be fine and the wife deathly ill ...etc....like in her case ....the list of systems are auto immune, sinus, ear ringing, aches and pains, hair loss thinning, sudden weight gain or loss, headaches, GOOGLE THE LIST.....and everyone please look for mold or check our your homes closely...i was shocked we found it in our ductwork...the a/c unit was pulling the moisture out of the air properly

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New here today and your post has just made my day! I'm renting an old house and with the cold weather have found mold which actually damaged my furniture so that I put a lot in store, lined walls with folded cardboard boxes. The landlord's agent told me to wash with bleach but in the end I used a very strong mold killer and my hair is thinning since then. Shall tell the Med people - you really have helped thank you


I THINK peroxide is better than bleach if you can find a strong form.....I had people-mold removal company come into home and they fogged the area and wiped it down with a strong solution of peroxide -just the vents-- and the fog was made of thyme oil, tea tree oil etc.....they actually sell the fog stuff here on amazon that kills mold on contact you may want to look into...I looked it up bec it is pricey to call people in to do it and I was amazed two young boy did it with no mask on....and I asked the what it was.....they didn't tell me the name brand but said a man that had a son with cancer invented it to be non carcinogenic...to get rid of mold ....the I googled around amazon and found foggers etc for mold.....my hair is less falling out in just two weeks...not completely and I am concerned if it will regrow but I am shocked....I started taking a green drink powder every day to help alkalize my body and to help recovery and I can not believe I didn't even know it was there....all this time.. and they are test online too to do your own mold home test which is a lot less than what the pros charge and same test...