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Hi guys

I have had this illness for the last couple of months. It doesn't get better but it's spreading throughout my scalp. There are five bald spots on my head with the biggest one is about 3 niches big. My school GP has given me Minoxidil while waiting for NHS referral appointment. Currently i am appointed to General Adult Dermatology in Nottingham NHS. However, the wait time is ridiculously available in Feburary which my visa is not allowed me to have the appointment. Does anyone have any ideas how to have the appointment quicker? or have any idea what should i do to this unrestful illness?


Pengly Taing

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If you have the details of the consultant, you can call the hospital main switchboard and ask to be put through to the consultant's secretary. You can explain your situation and ask if it is possible to get an earlier appointment if someone cancels. Sometimes you have to call up weekly to keep asking.


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