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Long Covid & ME - Action for ME & Forward ME write to your MP


Excerpt from Action for ME's Newsletter 'At the start of September, Forward ME published an open letter addressing concerns and highlighting best practice with regards to rehabilitation of people with long Covid who are experiencing post-viral fatigue.'

Read the letter here >>> bit.ly/2ES3C5A

Action for ME's Newsletter continues 'Some of the guidance aimed at supporting people with long Covid has been based on addressing "deconditioning" with graded exercise therapy (GET), despite the potential for long Covid to lead to post-viral fatigue, which may develop into M.E./CFS.

An Early Day Motion for debate has now been tabled on this open letter. You can find details on how to contact your local MP asking them to support Forward ME’s open letter on Action for ME's website'

Write to your MP template found here >>> bit.ly/2SkIPea

Any support is appreciated :)

Please Note: Post is not locked so it can be found by search engines meaning it reaches more people who may like to write to their MP.