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Welcome to the AFMCG Community ! :)


Welcome, to the AFMCG HealthUnlocked (HU) community which members report to be both supportive & informative but most of all a friendly atmosphere to share experiences of Fibromyalgia. :)

Our Community Administrators try their very best to keep the community atmosphere a respectful, non-judgemental place to talk freely and ask you to help with moderating the community by clicking the 'Report of Abuse' button if you see anything that is against any of the guidelines.

Here's an article where HU describe 'How to report content' to the Community Administrators;


To keep the community this way, we have our own guidelines which we ask members to abide by. Please find a link to our community guidelines below;


The role of the Community Administrator is outlined here by HU;


We are on hand should you need to ask us any questions or ask for help to address any problems you may have (or we will signpost you to the help you need). If you are wondering about a content of a post/question you would like to post concerning links to websites/blogs and if allowed please do not hesitate to contact us before posting.

Please find this link below about Privacy as HU is considered an 'open' community, so it is important to read how to make posts as private as possible if you wish to do so;


If you need any further assistance, please using the private message facility to contact an Admin within the AFMCG community. Please see links below on how to do this below;



Apologies in advance for the wealth of information in this one post, you might like to follow this post so you can refer to it later once you've got used to the site.

For now, why not write a short post introducing yourself to the community please don't feel like you need to say much - maybe how long you've had Fibromyalgia and/or ME, any symptoms you really struggle with and a general 'Hello' will be fine.

Here's a link about how to write your 1st post;


Don't be shy - come say 'Hi' ! :)



E: healthunlocked@afmcg.org

Find us on Facebook @afmcguk & Twitter @afmcguk

P.S - Here's how to do Emojis here on HealthUnlocked, please see link below;


Posted: 18th January 2018

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