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FAQ - Why do members of the Admin Team follow other members or their posts?

FAQ - Why do members of the Admin Team follow other members or their posts?

Welcome to the AFMCG Community! :)

Community admins may choose to a follow a member to read the contributions they make to the community and others may only follow posts without following a member directly and this may be for a number of reasons. The reasons to use the HealthUnlocked Follow Feature may be for the good of the community as a whole or simply due to a personal interest in what the user is posting.

Reason/s may include any or a combination of the following;

▪ Members that are considered 'Newbies' (less than a month on the site normally or their posting regime i.e. a small amount of posts)

▪ Members who may be considered as future members of the admin team in some capacity

▪ Members who create good content that may be useful to the site / charity as a whole

▪ Members mentioning suicide, self-harm or other areas of concern

▪ Members that have come to the attention of the admin team for non-compliance with the rules on a number of occasions

Monitoring certain posts and/or members is part of the volunteering community admin role to ensure the community forum is working correctly and it does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with what a member is contributing to the community.

To read more about the role of the community administrator, click here;

Community Admin reserve the right not to disclose why they are following someone and will not 'unfollow' someone due to member's request to do so, as it is part of monitoring the community in order to moderate it effectively.

To find out more about the HU follow feature please visit this link;

To read the AFMCG community guidelines please click the link below;

Many Thanks for reading


Please Note Community Admins may not always remember to 'unfollow' a member in every situation, so it may be possible a member is followed continually even after any one of the following reasons above is no longer a concern.

Posted: 17th January 2018

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