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E-petition against limiting medication for people living with Chronic Pain solely it seems due to a policy Reducing Drugs & Misuse Dependenc

You may or may not be aware of the recently introduced government policy called Reducing Drugs & Misuse and Dependence.

This policy has been introduced and from my understanding it is trying to reduce the misuse of prescription drugs. The policy is trying to address the problems of people who may be addicted or may be abusing prescription medication for the euphoric feeling they experience, well this is my interpretation of this policy.

However , due to the stigma associated with Fibromyalgia & M.E, the psychosomatic interpretation by some in the medical profession and the fact we are living with an invisible illness I feel many people living with Fibro & M.E are assumed to be misusing medication. This is a judgement based on assumption and is quite simply it is wrong !

I feel strongly that people living with Chronic Pain for whatever reason Fibro, Arthritis, Trauma & injury etc should not be made to reduce medications that they need to control their pain and enable them to maintain a state of optimum health to manage to achieve normal activities of daily living that healthy people do everyday without even thinking about it.

We need our pain relief to maintain a life that is as 'normal' as possible. We should not be made to reduce our medication solely because of this policy

Therefore, I have made an e-petition that highlights this injustice as we have basic Human Rights to be pain free and Doctors have a Duty of Care to ensure we are as pain free as possible.

Apologies for the long post but I feel very strongly that medications should not be reduced or taken away from those it genuine need. If you feel the same please sign the e-petition, spread the word , share and ask people to sign too !

Many Thanks for reading, here is the link to the e-petition.

Here is the link to the policy

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But three weeks ago I went to my doctor because I felt the drugs I was taking are not helping me sleep and not helping with the pain and restless legs, so his answer was stop taken the drugs just take the pain killers, he said he was going to write to the specialist and see what he says, still waiting. In the mean time coming off these drugs have been really bad I have done it step by step still awful.

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