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Please vote for AFMCG at TVBC Have your say

Please vote for AFMCG at TVBC Have your say

AFMCG Application for Help for our Carers

Caring for someone with a Chronic Illness can be draining and the recent Carers Week identified the areas where carers are vulnerable, usually stress. If we can provide an hour's respite for these carers who are doing an amazing job caring for their loved one, not only will it impact to help their ability to cope by reducing stress but give them time to relax,rest, go out, do a hobby maybe. It may even be used to spend time with their partner as a couple rather than carer and person who is living with Fibro or M.E.

The Prepared to Care identified that carers needed more support in many areas of their role and we know all about the recent campaigns due to the reduction of care services.

Prepared to care identified;

92% suffered increased stress in their caring role

61% suffered depression due to their caring role

45% have given up work to care for their loved one

61% have found it difficult to maintain friendships

( 2013)

We have the Britian Cares 'I care' Campaign

Age UK - Lobby a lord Campaign

All campaigning against cuts to care services affecting us all to some extent our family members needing care and us should we ever need care. As many of our members do.If we could provide this respite, could we help our carers in the community that do what they do selflessly for their loved one. The same as any of us would for our family.

Please vote for our cause to help our carers in the community as they face social care cuts, cannot afford respite themselves and need the reassurance a carer is with their loved one while they are resting or out.

We can help carers by just casting a vote to help ease the strain on the carers in our community.

If you live in the Test Valley please cast you vote here

Many Thanks in Advance if you voting for our project

All members of AFMCG