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I was feeling unwell yesterday, hot, sweaty, slight temperature, headache and my heartrate had been high for 24hours and managed to get an emergency appoint with my GP.

Normally my blood pressure is around 120/80 but yesterday it was 126/106. GP phoned cardiology and I was prescribed Digoxin - 2 x 500mcg yesterday and 125mcg daily after that.

Now feeling much better with heartrate relatively stable between 60 and 78 - hope it lasts!

Cardiology said that I seem to be a prime candidate for cardioversion but as I haven't been stable of warfarin for 4 weeks or more it's too early for them to do it.

Now off work for a couple of days on doctor's order else I "will end up in hospital".

Has anyone else had experience with Digoxin?

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I know a few who have done well on Digoxin. It falls into the category of a Rhythm Control drug and has the benefit of not drastically slowing the heart down when not having an attack.

Are you in AF all of the time or does yours come and go? I ask because of your comment about cardioversion and about being on your anticoagulant.



Hi Tim

It comes and goes all day long



Hey Sharon, I was on digoxin for my afib. It worked pretty well for me. Though I am only 41 so I decided to do the ablation, which is working wonderfully at this point!!! Thank God!!! I just couldn't see myself on this med for 30+ years. But it worked well. Good luck!!!


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I was on digoxin for a while. It was great for the afib, but unfortunately I developed side effects and had to come off it , whihc wasn't so great for the afib. Good luck


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