Disability Living Allowance

Is anyone claiming this benefit because of their AF? A number of people have told me to apply for it because I get out of breath walking short distances, tiredness, fatigue, etc. I also have asthma. My GP queried Fybromyalgia because of other symptoms, but never sent me for tests. I have noticed a lot of the symtoms of Fibro are also symptoms of AF. If your medication is controlling your AF, do you still get the other side effects I've mentioned or do they stop? Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi there truly I don't know if you can claim Disability Living Allowance perhaps someone else will be able to enlighten us?

  • General experience is that few people do for just AF. There have been quite a few AFA members who have tried from memory but heh we are all different and if you have other underlying conditions you may be lucky.. Nothing ventured etc. Just don't get down if they refuse you.

  • Thanks for your answers.

  • I'm afraid from April this benefit doesn't exist any more and will be replaced by something called PIP, have a feeling that it will be much harder to qualify as there is a mega trend to "encourage" people from claiming benefits in order to cut the welfare budget!!!

  • You need to have a chat with your Welfare Rights department, asap, to see if you would qualify, or go to your local 'Age UK' , to be advised, as it all depends on many factors like your age, whether you are in work or not, whether you are on any benefits, and so on. If you are disabled by your condition, you should be entitled to some benefit, I have just put a claim in , but am over 65' and on benefits.

  • Thank you Dirose. Although I've beem diagnosed with Asthma since the 80s and found any gradient a problem, recently I've found I am getting breathless on the flat and with the least exertion. in other activities. I am contemplating applying for DLA because I will be 65 next year and after that mobility component isn't available because you are only eligible for attendance allowance.

  • Attendance allowance is quite good, there are two levels of weekly payment, which will allow me to employ a cleaner and a man for the garden, both for one morning a week, maybe two for one of them. Plus it seems my partener may beeligible for carers allowance. He is not fit enough to do the cleaning or gardening jobs, but he can help me in the bathroom, and simple things. He can drive me to the shops, and carry the shopping which I cannot do. the total su m we could get, could make a big difference to our lives, me especially.

  • Have you been tested for COPD Dukesmam? Would explain your breathlessness, and would help you with a attendance allowance claim. You need to see someone at the Welfare Rights dept asap, because even if the title changes after April, your claim could be seen to be in before then

  • Lizzily, I just saw your reply. I am aware of the PIP, but forgot about it when I answered dirose, I'm apprehensive, but I'm thinking if they say no, I'm no worse off than I am now, if they say yes, there'll be a bit of money to afford a taxi which would encourage me to do more.

  • totally agree with Dirose. After being discharged from hospital early last year following a TIA - small stroke - daughter was rather concerned regarding my finacial circumstances. Got in touch with AgeUK how helpful they were - the outcome being I am now in receipt of an extra three figure monthly income through her (AgeUK representative) instigating a Government worker coming out to see me and helpfully filled all the form in for me - interpreting his own words on my behalf. M

  • There is help available, depending on your individual circumstances. We recommend our members to get in touch with Disability Rights UK disabilityrightsuk.org/how-...

  • Thank you.

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