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Birder update

Saw cardio yesterday. Conclusion: no symptoms - no medication! 24 hour tape showed heart not racing. Going for echocrdiogram but cardio said no sound of valve problems. Seems like AF could get worse over time and give me symptoms but for now pleased it was found on knee op pre-appraisal (though definitely didn't think so at time!) Tolerating warfarin OK and happy to have stroke risk reduced. Are there any natural remedies/supplements that help with AF

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AF is sometimes very hard to diagnose. Since it comes and goes Most can be experiencing AF for years without a diagnosis. The most important thing you can do is... Next time you feel it go to a hosp ER and get an EKG. This is the primary tool that your Dr will use to diagnose AF and come up with a plan.

Over the years I had read about and tried many different things to prevent AF but to date I have not found anything that really works.

I'm glad your doing ok with warfarin and that is probably the best tool you have right now for preventing any bad results from AF.


Thanks Stander.


AF is such a unique heart rhythm disorder in that the impact on individuals and effects of treatments are bespoke to the person. Therefore, many people are happy with warfarin, others experience issues. Either way, it is an effective oral anticoagulant that significantly reduces AF stroke risk.

We have spoken to patients who have monitored their progress with certain foods that some claim are beneficial to people with AF. There is no clinically proven benefit, so it really does depend on the person. However, please take caution and monitor your progress closely.


Thanks Admin


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