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I'm wondering has anyone worried into panic after covid jab .reluctant to do it but did so cos necessary for me to travel to visit close relatives not because I'm selfish but because I worry about any medicines and side affects so I decided to have the jab firstly two days prior to goin I felt dizzy the thought of it but carried on. When arriving into the centre panic set in me I was actually shaking noting to leave then thebmoment the jab want it which that didn't bother me it was painless its the thought of the medication th was put into me fear almost immediately came and till now won't go I trying to convince myself its for the best and I won't be having sidecaffecrs but I'm finding it difficult till I feel sick .I writing this post to ask if anyone feels this way and will it pass I feel as though I have been forced to have the jab because I think some people have genuine fear and with my hf hope it doesn't mk more stress

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My niece had "the booster" some time ago, and horrific side effects. All were Pfizer, the two first jabs were without side effects, but after receiving the third one, she went in "overdrive" - panic attack, poor sleep, high temperature, vomiting, pains all over the body, problems with breathing. She is 48 of age. The better the health of the patient, the more jabs will be needed to do the job...

Hopefully you won’t have any lasting side effects and most only last a few days. ,

No had no concerns about the jab and welcomed it and no I didn’t go into a panic. It is your fear that is causing you to feel this way and I’m sorry about that because I have worked with many fearful people so I have seen just how overwhelming fear can feel and how disruptive it can be to living everyday life and it takes many, many forms. Have you ever sought treatment for your fear such as CBT?

I believe it important that we should all be vaccinated and the sooner the better but I don’t believe in forcing anyone and it would have been better if you had received support for your fear.

I don’t believe there is any evidence other than anecdotal for the statement SteelHeart made about the better the health of the patient, the more jabs will be needed, certainly not in the UK and in any case SteelHeart was talking about booster jabs which haven’t happened in the UK and are unlikely to for some time. The only people currently being considered for a third jab in this country are those who are immunsuppressed or severely clinically vulnerable and didn’t produce antibodies to the first 2 shots.

It seems that for you, that your worry is not only about the vaccine but about all medications. Have you ever had a bad experience or know someone close to you who did?

Best wishes CD

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Auriculaire in reply to CDreamer

Given that the data from countries that were the first to vaccinate massively ( ie Israel , UK , Iceland) are now showing that the effectiveness of the vaccines against catching and transmitting the virus is nowhere near that touted by the manufacturers ( Israeli health authorities reckon as little as 39% for the Pfizer that was exclusively used there) I am curious to know why you still think we should all be vaccinated.

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FlapJack in reply to Auriculaire

It might be something to do with the fact that although cases are fairly high, hospitalisations remain relatively low, as do deaths. Hate to think what the situation would be without the vaccines……..

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Auriculaire in reply to FlapJack

This is so far the case in the UK but the situation in Israel is not the same. The authorities there are very worried at the rates of hospitalisations and deaths in fully vaccinated people. The situation in Israel is different as there the vaccination has been done entirely with Pfizer whereas in the UK Astra Zeneca has been used for the majority of the older population. Could it be that the AZ vaccine is actually more effective in the medium term ( nobody can talk yet about long term) than the Pfizer?

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FlapJack in reply to Auriculaire

Haven’t got a clue Auriculaire, my only interest in this post is that Yass gets the help she needs to overcome her fears. I expect neither you or SteelHeart have read her history, in my opinion this not the time or place!

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Auriculaire in reply to FlapJack

I have replied directly to Yass saying how I sympathise with her having been in a similar situation myself- which I would point out neither you or the other pro vaccine people on this website have had to go through. I have made some practical suggestions which she might find helpful. You obviously haven't bothered to scroll down and find my post before jumping in with what you wrote above.

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Auriculaire in reply to FlapJack

And I haven't a clue as to why you would private message me saying "Apologies Auriculaire-I didn't realise that you to (sic) had just lost your husband to covid", since I am pretty certain you know well that I have not. But I'll hazard a guess. This sarcastic jibe is the best you could come up with to my response below pointing out that I had replied directly to the author of this thread but that you had not bothered to scroll down and read my post. When you did bother to read my response you deliberately misinterpreted what I said to arrive at your jibe.You private messaged me because you are too cowardly to post it publicly. And it appears that I am not the only poster here to be the recipient of such cowardly sneaky behaviour from you. FYI I have lost a close member of my family to covid

Hard to say, Israel has a small population and maybe they do frequent tests for antibody tests, and they are learning that antibodies have a limited life span with Pfizer, possibly because of the huge population of the UK similar tests have not been undertaken to any great degree with AZ vaccine

Yes, I was under the impression that the whole idea of vaccination was to reduce the severity if you are infected and thus minimise hospital admissions. People are still catching 'flu . but again admissions for it are relatively low (no special wards etc) and people who take the annual jab, have fewer symptoms and are not as ill,

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Desanthony in reply to FlapJack

My daughter-in-law is an intensive care sister in a major hospital In Florida and is now looking to start a new career. She has has got Covid twice from working in the hospital and passed it on to her eldest son inadvertently. She looks after her elderly Mother who has lots of health issues including severe COPD and anelderly friend who lives with her mother as company. Luckily she has managed to get help looking after them when she and/or my eldest grandson were ill but now the situation at the hospital is so bad again she just cannot take the stress of working in that situation and managing her responsibilities at home to her children and Mother. Of course the eldest grandson was only too happy to spend two lots of two weeks quarantining in his room playing fort nite - or whatever the in online game is at the moment with his meals left outside the door. 😂The whole family including the youngest grandson who is 14 next month have had both vaccines now. I do hope things get better soon. We have spent far too long away from our families. I myself have only seen my little sister - who lost her husband of 50 years last April - couldn’t go to the funeral and couldn’t visit until August last year when we helped her move house to be closer to her children and her family only to go back into lockdown during which most of them 9 altogether of her children and grandchildren caught Covid including my sister. Two of her grandchildren aged 23 and 25 were hospitalised and put on ventilators- neither had underlying conditions and the 23 year old had a 6 month old baby boy she honestly thought she was going to leave on his own. We are visiting her next weekend as she hasn’t felt safe until now. I do hope that between vaccinations and testing we can get out of this. Just living with it is stressful enough.

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FlapJack in reply to Desanthony

I wish you and your family well and agree with everything you say.

Unfortunately, as we can see from some of the posts below, whenever this subject is raised it encourages toxic comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should be able to do whatever they wish regarding what medication they take but in my opinion, it is wholly wrong when they try to influence or encourage others to follow their thinking.

Probably nobody knows what the long term effects of the vaccines will be and any statistics can interpreted in a myriad of different ways but what’s currently happening here in the UK appears to be moving in the right direction so let’s be thankful for that.

It could not have been easy to share your experiences……thank you

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JSmith1 in reply to Auriculaire

The Israeli report (not a study) you seem to be citing did not say vacvines are only 39% effective. Here's what can be said about that report:


The goal of a vaccine is to help your immune system identify and fight infection rapidly and effectively. in the perfect scenario, it would work so well that a vaccinated person exposed will never get sufficient viral load to cause illness or spread the infection. And the real world results show that so far, the vaccines, particularly Pfizer and Moderna, have been remarkably effective. More than 93% of all those hospitalized (and died) in the US in the past 3 months have been the unvaccinated, and the UK and Israeli numbers are similar. if the vaccines were only 39% effective, in the US, UK, and Israel, the rates would be roughly 50/50, since the majority of all 3 countries are vaccinated.

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Auriculaire in reply to JSmith1

The figure of 39% was put out in July by the Israeli Health Ministry down from a previous figure of 64% given in June. This is according to reports in the mainstream Israel press , Reuters and various mainstream American press outlets. The website you link to ( whose article is nearly 2 weeks old) does not actually say anything about this. There is an admission that immunity is declining among those vaccinated 5 months ago and that of those in hospital two weeks ago 50% were fully vaccinated. Dr Fauci and the CDC have come out and said that the vaccines are not protecting against transmission of the Delta variant. They have said that the viral charge in the nose and throat of the vaccinated is equal to that in the unvaccinated but that because they are not getting ill they are not staying home ( or even getting tested) thus spreading the virus . They are just the same in fact as the asymptomatic unvaccinated. As I pointed out to Flapjack the situations are not the same in the UK and Israel . The UK has vaccinated the majority of it's 40+ population with Astra Zeneca. There are some scientists who are saying that what is happening in Israel could even point towards ADE. At the momenent there is not enough evidence of this but time will tell.

This is antivac nonsense. Dr Fauci never said not to get vaccinated. I have read a lot to that topic and cannot find proof of what you state here. If you are not vaccinated, just stay home and leave people alone.

Where in my post have I said that Fauci told people not to get vaccinated? You obviously do not read the Israeli press . Everything I have said above is being reported in main stream news outlets now - not social media . Fauci has said quite clearly that the viral charge is equal in the noses and throats of vaccinated and unvaccinated and that the vaccinated should continue to wear masks and social distance so as to help stop transmission. The ongoing roll out of the 3rd dose of the Pfizer vaccine and the suggestion in the last few days by the Israeli health minister that a fourth dose might be needed is because of the waning immunity from the first and second doses in those who were first vaccinated. I am vaccinated but that does not mean that I cannot read or question the doxa.

You have clearly stated in several posts that you are basically anti vacc, in spite of getting the vaccine (I strongly suspect you were told in France no new hip if not vaccinated, so you got it only for that reason. France is getting to tolerate no nonsense any more). Plus anti mask. I do not discuss with people like that.

I am not anti vaccines in principle. I do have serious doubts about the covid vaccines as do many other people . I was not told no new hip if not vaccinated. I could have presented a negative test. Even being vaccinated I still have to present a negative test. I got vaccinated because the data are clearly showing that vaccinated people can both catch and transmit the Delta variant of the virus but that it is still offering some protection against serious disease and hospitals are actually places where you are more likely to catch it than the terraces of restaurants in summer. I find your reply puerile . You cannot contradict factually what I have said so you engage in an ad hominem attack. As for masks your comment is ridiculous. I am very much pro mask , always wear one in an indoor setting and nowhere on this forum could you have ever got the idea that I was anti mask or anti social distancing. You've pulled that out thin air.

It sounds as though you will need proper help for dealing with your anxiety, all I can suggest is that you look at the facts rather than be influenced by opinions by folk who seem to have an agenda. I know it is not as easy as that, but at the end of the day, either you accept whether or not, that jabs are the way forward. This will not remove the fear but it might help you to decide that the risk (and there are risks in everything we do) is worth taking. Consider how many billions of people around the world have had two jabs. Virtually every person over 35 you see every day will have had two jabs. Some will have experienced a couple of days of flu like symptoms but I’m not personally aware of anyone who has had worse problems. The same is not true about Covid.

You too must know many people who have had 2 jabs, do you know anyone who has had serious problems due to the vaccine?

I’m not sure anyone here will be able to help you overcome your anxiety, it’s sounds that your fear is deep rooted but I hope you at least come to terms with it so that you can get on with your life and spend time with your family……good luck

Hi Yas_123, It's really likely that the effects you felt were due to your anxiety rather than the aftereffects of the vaccination, but that's not to say that there aren't some severe side effects on rare occasions.I wonder if a change of mindset might help when you are feeling nervous, wherein you focus more on what might happen to you if you were to catch a severe case of covid19. Really think about the huge number of people worldwide who have struggled for their last breath and others in very infective areas who have clamoured and plead for fast vaccination.

I think we've possibly all become a bit blasé at this distance from the start of the pandemic. Then our first thought was 'someone help us' and we were much more panicked about catching the virus.

This might be a tactic that will work, but anyway, really well done for having the vaccine anyway despite your fears. That's real bravery.

I understand your fears. I got vaccinated with a heavy heart as I am going into hospital for a hip op in 3 weeks and here in France there is now a passe sanitaire which makes the life of unvaccinated people very difficult including for entry into hospitals. My blood pressure was sky high - the highest reading I have ever had - when the doctor took it pre jab. So far I have had hardly any side effects not even a sore arm . Just a tad more achy than usual the evening of the jab. Look at it this way - you can't make things different or better by worrying. But you can do things that will help. If you do not already take a magnesium supplement you could try one as this can help with anxiety. Make sure your level of vit D is ok . Try to get proper sleep and practise relaxation techniques. We have been forced to an extent to get the jab and I resent that bitterly but we need to get on with our life and not let it be poisoned.

Hi Yass, you have your priorities right, family is more important than fear 💜

I took them only because of family living outside of Canada. I argued with the nurse all the way through the first and cried all the way through the second. Neither one of those had ever administered a medication not authorized by the FDA. No wonder we are apprehensive! Expert virologists and epidemiologists all over the world are disagreeing with the CDC. But our son took priority for us. I had several weeks of panting and feeling short of air, which was probably some myocarditis, but I'm okay for now. No one knows what will happen to us down the road. But what can you do when your son has lost his wife and his young children need care? Heart wrenching.marcyh


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Yass_123 in reply to marcyh

Oh ideally feel sorry for you my hus died abroad from covid and most countries don't let us travel unless fully vaccine I have a heart prob and all this stress about the worry of the vaccine isn't fair I have done the first one and fear but I have no choice like you and I'm finding it really difficult to do the 2nd I wish u well can u plz tell me which vaccine u had

You had all your vaccinations as a baby, yet here you are. You didn’t die of polio, tuberculosis, dypyheria, scarlet fever or smallpox. You might have had top-ups to some of them since. This is just another one. It’s no different, just a way to train your immune system to recognise a new virus and react appropriately. It’s not about not catching it, but about giving the vaccinated population a better outcome. It’s not a medication. So no need to worry about that either. If you are a cat or dog owner, they will have received vaccinations too and they are fine. Millions of us are fine and getting on with things. Please go and get the 2nd dose so that you will have full protection and then you can, in time, forget about it.

If you feel tired and achy after it, that’s just your immune system working at forming antibodies.

Yes true I had vaccines when I was a baby that's cos I didn't know and I haven't had any vaccines since and it's not just vaccines it's most meds I take I worry and also media shows us dif opions and show how people have side affects yes true everything has side affects but the vaccines are still very new to us all I just think if someone doesn't want to have it why should it be like a kind of emotional blackmail have the jab u can't fly have jab can't go places I believe the covid is threat but so is insisting on jabs if some of us are really fearful

Thank you for your reply it is a bit difficult for me because I've alwaz been afraid of taking meds I know many others who feel the same I have many family members wh had both jabs no prob and others who had side affects the covid has affected many lives in many ways mentally I hope one day this will end

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Auriculaire in reply to Yass_123

I too am afraid of meds . But that is only since actually being harmed by prescriptions of Cipro. Since then I am very wary of anything new as one of the consequences of Fluoroquinolone toxicity is having reactions to meds that one could previously tolerate. I hated having to go on Apixaban . I have had problems with flu and tetanus vaccines so was very surprised when I had no reaction to the covid jab . I had the Janssen jab as it is only the one injection. My sister had AZ in the UK and was quite ill for a couple of days after the first jab but she had already had covid and probably got jabbed too soon afterwards. She said the covid was not that bad and she had had far worse run ins with viruses when she was younger. How long is it since you had the first jab? Perhaps you could have someone go with you for the second one to give you support. We have to hold on to the positive in this situation - you will be able to travel to see family .

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Yass_123 in reply to Auriculaire

Thank you for your reply I also have reaction to some medication latest one was one that caused me to have a heart attack I would have preferred the janssen jab as its one instead of fearing about a second one so far I'm OK but thoughts do come across my mind thinking if I'm goin to be ill from it my daughter came with me she had her first jab i don't think ill ever change being afraid of meds

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Auriculaire in reply to Yass_123

It is hard not to be afraid when one has had bad experiences. Especially when this has happened more than once. I do not believe such fear is irrational. I hope your second jab goes ok. I do not think they are giving the Janssen jab in UK. I live in France.

It is different. The mRNA platform has not been used before for mass vaccination. It has been in use for cancer treatment only. These vaccines do not work like the conventional ones we had as children. Nor have they had the long term testing to determine whether there are medium and long term side effecfs. They were given their emergency authorisation ( not the normal licence as this requires at least 2 years of safety data) with only an average of 2.5 months of data. What's more both Pfizer and Moderna have unblinded their studies by giving the majority of the placebo arm participants the vaccine. Only 7% of the original Pfizer cohort remain unblinded so any further data will be statistically underpowered. The cut off point for the data for the proper licence in America was March 31st so even then no medium term data. If you do not believe me you can read about this in the BMJ for yourself.

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marcyh in reply to Yass_123

It was Pfizer.

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Desanthony in reply to Yass_123

The second vaccination usually gives fewer effects than the first. I had the pfizer vaccine and had no problems with either of them - the first one I didn't even have a sore arm - I wondered if they had actually done it! My wife had the Astra Zeneca vacine and had shakes and shivers the night of the vaccine and was fatigued the next day and that was all. No problems with the second vaccine at all. We will both get the flu vaccine and the booster vaccine when offered.

Yass, I'm sorry to hear you made the decision to get jabbed. Look at the Vaers report created by the American government. These shots are poison. I wish you well!

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Yass_123 in reply to Jpot34

Thank you but I really have no choice because regardless of anyone mental position of fear most countries insist on vaccines its not fair why can't everyone just take a test to show they r negative and the ones wh want to have the vaccine have it

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Jpot34 in reply to Yass_123

In America, at this time, they can't insist on anything. My body, my choice! There will be a war if America attempts mandates for everyone.

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Desanthony in reply to Jpot34

Unless of course you are a woman in Texas

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FancyPants54 in reply to Jpot34

This post needs removing! Fake facts are dangerous. You have no right to post rubbish like this to a frightened person. How dare you! You must be an American. Thankfully we Brits have more sense and more backbone!

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Jpot34 in reply to FancyPants54

: >))

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Jpot34 in reply to FancyPants54

You my friend are brainwashed.

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Buffafly in reply to Jpot34

No, you are. Accepting that there are risks but balancing that with the chance of life and health for yourself and others is rational and sensible. Digoxin is poisonous but people take it. Cancer drugs are poisonous but people take them. I believe you need a licence to drive a car or own a gun - both deadly, but people don’t think about it.

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Auriculaire in reply to Jpot34

Do you really think a reply like that is helpful to those of us who were coerced into being vaccinated despite being afraid of the jab ? And who are still worrying over possible side effects. ?

Quote Yass ''I writing this post to ask if anyone feels this way and will it pass I feel as though I have been forced to have the jab because I think some people have genuine fear''

Hi Yass :-) I am sure most people feel a little apprehensive at the thought of the C19 vaccination .

In March 2020 at the start of the pandemic an ambulance parked outside my house in this tiny rural hamlet and I saw an elderly neighbour being wheeled into it wearing an oxygen mask and struggling to breath. I had been talking to him down the lane the previous day . I heard a couple of days later he had died of C19, that kind of concentrated the mind and put things in perspective. I was apprehensive about having the vaccination but far more worried about catching C19.

I had a reaction to the second dose of AZ vaccine, as with all medication some people do react . I am still eager to have a booster when it becomes available. The flu vaccination only cover a limited period of time and it is logical the C19 vaccination will be the same.

When I have had bad episodes of AF I have been very breathless, I dread to think what it would be like having an episode of AF and Covid at the same time, the prospect is far more scary than having a vaccination.

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Yass_123 in reply to doodle68

Hi doodle 68 yes I agree it's very scary I lost my husband who was quite healthy early 50s due to covid and I do worry if I caught covid most of my family members had it some still suffer with long covid but I cannot help worrying about side affects especially when I read things on net or news and I worry about any type of medication not everyone can handle taking medication its like a phobia which may never be overcome

I know what you mean, I just had my 1st jab 3 weeks ago, crapped myself thinking I was going to be hit my a train with the side effects and set my AF off. I had a tickly throat and a runny nose and that was it, not looking forward to the 2nd one as I fear that will hit me harder. I kept on seeing story after story of the unvaxed in Daily Mail who died saying they wish they had the Jab. I'm not an anti vax I guess you could call me a vax hesitator but I do fear Covid and how it will hit me with AF

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Yass_123 in reply to herrlip2000

Thank you for you reply I know just how u feel I keep try convince myself the jab is for the best but then fear creeps in especially when I read someone had a reaction and then read someone wish they had the jab I wish you the best when having 2nd one

I'm so sorry you're having such anxiety about the vaccine. Anxiety is such a tough thing to deal with, regardless of the cause. Do whatever you need to do to relax and feel better.

I have an autoimmune condition, so have been tested after each vaccine dose. The 3rd (booster ) dose was incredibly effective. My antibodies soared. I did have a bit of a fever after the 3rd dose, but totally worth it, I knew I was "growing" antibodies. ❤️

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Thank you to everyone for your comments.

It is with regret that we have received a number of Reports relating to this post. May we ensure that we are considerate and sensitive in our responses.

The Covid-19 vaccine has been a topic of conversation to many people over recent times. As a Charity we have sought advice from our Medical Advisory Team to ensure we are able to provide the best advice.

It is ultimately down to individual choice and you should contact your own health care provider for their advice if you are at all concerned, they have access to your medical records and will be able to advise you on a personal basis and address your particular concerns.

Yass_123 if you need further advice, then please do feel free to contact our Patient Services Team.

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Yass_123 in reply to TracyAdmin

Thank you for your reply and thanks for your advice on phoning patients service team if further advice is needed

Thank to everyone who replied to my post take care keep safe

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