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Non AF happy post

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After sticking a flag above the parapet in May, my PSA was back to undetectable this month. It did this two years ago and worried everybody. Have to find something else to worry about now. Happy days ,

Now to get the chain saw out and cut down the Christmas tree we planted ten years ago that is now about fifteen feet tall and blocking the light in one of the bedrooms. Timbeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Thats good news Bob 🙂🙂🌲🌲

What does PSA stand for Bob? Guess you're feeling well if chopping down a tree? Couldn't that have waited until Christmas so that the tree could be used, or has it grown too out of shape?


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BobDVolunteer in reply to jeanjeannie50

PSA tells me if cancer has come back or not. Tree far to big now unless you want it in Trafalgar Sq.

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to BobD

Is low PSA good or not so good? Everyone is saying what good news, but when I looked it up it didn't look that way, but what do I know!!

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BobDVolunteer in reply to jeanjeannie50

I should have no PSA since I do not have a prostate. Usually my three montly readings are undetectable but in May it was 0.2% Had it gone up again I would likely have had to go for further treatment but it has dissapeared again just like it did three years ago. Nobody understands it but it gtst my attention when it happens. Ten years now so doing well.

A man of my age would expect to have a PSA of at least 7 and watching . Mine was up in the mid 30s by the time they actually found the cancer and it was ony because I insisted on the operation that they discovered it had spread so pretty lucky to still be here. Or as the wise man once said, the harder I work the luckier I seem to get.

Trees gone now and still got all my limbs. Now for a bonfire and stack the logs for next winter.

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to BobD

That is good news then.

Glad you've still got all your limbs, there's always that little worry when using a chain saw! I used the hedge trimmer on a huge larch tree the other day and worried about that! Needs topping, but will get gardener to do that

Stay well,

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fairgo45 in reply to BobD

Glad to hear that Bob so you made the right decision

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secondtry in reply to BobD

Interesting Bob & glad its good news. I don't know about care post taking it out but every 3 months testing seems a lot (of worry as well). I am 67, mine was 1.2 for quite a few years then it got to 4 & urologist said retest, the next was 3 and he wanted a retest in 12 months. However, this time unusually I am following my excellent GP's advice not to bother if no symptoms. Instead I am having fairly regular broccoli sprouts which my Naturopath swears by as a precaution to stop cancer.

Incidentally, if you ever want a second opinion, there is a recently built state of the art, world leading, I believe prostate centre at Guildford.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to secondtry

Mine was 37 when the finally tracked it down after five years of looking. ! They say all men die with it the secret is not to die from it.

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RoyM in reply to BobD

Couldn't have better news for you. Must be a great relief. Cheers Roy

Stands for Prostrate Specific Antigen - levels should be undetectable - anything over about a 5 these days is investigated - OH’s levels were 27 when cancer detected.

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Camelia23 in reply to CDreamer

I've given up correcting my sister who insists on calling it prostrate cancer.

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CDreamer in reply to Camelia23

😂😱 I blame that one on spell checker ……

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Camelia23

If you have ever had a biopsy prostrate is quiet appropriate!

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Camelia23 in reply to BobD

Ha, ha!!!

PSA stands for a reading they use to detect prostate cancer in men.

Excellent news BobD, and watch out for that treeeeeee! 🪓🌲

Happy news…..Bob’s a lumberjack and he’s ok 🎄🪓xxx

Watch what you are doing with that chain-saw lumberjack - I thought you was going to say you would be cutting down something else!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Bob 👍😉

Good news must be very reassuring.

Take care with the tree, methinks you should have employed an expert not a car mechanic 🙂

Brilliant news Bob 👍👍, now for a barbie 🥓🥩

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Ochg

We have 30+ tomorrow for No 2 Son's party. No 1 son cooking thank goodness.

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Ochg in reply to BobD

Sounds fabulous, I hope you all have a wonderful time, eat, drink and be happy what a great recipe.

Thats good Bob. Hope it stays that way.

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FlapJack in reply to Desanthony

Excellent news Bob, sounds like lower the number the better so a big fat Zero will do very nicely thank you 😉 👍

Good news Bob - OH is in similar position after treatment.

Always nice to hear a plus and may the weather be with you😁

Great news Bob

Hi Bob, why not wait till next Christmas ?

Great news. My friend had his removed a few years ago but confused me saying that these PSA readings can be false positives or negatives or something, so if he's happy with what results he gets, I'm happy for him. Last year, our cordless hedge trimmer bit the dust so hubby borrowed next door's electric one and managed to cut through the cable (thank heavens for RCDs). We then bought a new electric one for ourselves and within 2 mins, he had cut through the cable on that .🙄

Cordless again now and I've made sure his insurance is up to date.

Bless you Bob. You bought back memories of my Dad who suffered with prostate cancer. He used to refer to his children as number 1 daughter, number two daughter etc. I think that was because he couldn't remember our names!

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Becksagogo

I think it goes back to the ancient Charlie Chan TV show. He used to refer to his sons aa No 1 , 2 or whatever.

Really great news Bob D, so happy to hear your brilliant news.

That's great news Bob 👍


Excellent news - apart for the tree of course!

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BobDVolunteer in reply to bassets

Too close to the foundations for its size now. It was a four foot potted tree when we planted it but was nearly 16feet tall before I attacked it yesterday. It was only five feet from the conservatory and two feet from the supporting wall of the terrace so getting dangerous. Going to keep them in pots or barrels from now on.

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bassets in reply to BobD

Almost undermined! The new place we've bought is full of overgrown evergreens - those dinky little ones that look pretty in the garden centre are now forest giants! We will have to have some serious landscaping soon.

Greta news Bob , you bring so much knowledge and clam to a lot of people on here ( myself included ) you firmly deserve that news’s

Good to read. My elderly friend is now 88 and has been taking enzalutamide for some years now. It has been something of a miracle drug for treating his prostate cancer. He was diagnosed with this very many years ago and worked his way through to that drug, which was experimental at the time. His PSA levels plummeted immediately to all but undetectable levels and have stayed low ever since, being about 0.1 last month.


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BobDVolunteer in reply to Ppiman

Mine appeared at 0.2 in May but was back below 0.01% last week when tested. It seems to do this every few years and oncologist says it is probably one cell hiding somewhere. Better than the 37 when they found it in 2010!

I did the radical operation, 33 radiotherapy sessions and three years of hormones because when they operated they found it has already spread so took quite a lot of non essential bits out as well. They did tell me I would be omnipotent and incompetent afterwards but I didn't have my hearing aids in so may have got that wrong.

Really good news Bob, must be a huge weight off your mind.

My daughter and son-in-law planted his mother's small potted Christmas tree about 10 years ago; it is now probably 8 - 10 metres tall, they have a big garden and soon it will be taking over, but it is so pretty and perfectly shaped and festive at Christmas when it has fairy lights.

That’s great Bob. You could maybe have made a fortune, flogging the tree to Trafalgar Square tho. Missed opportunity there lol.

Ah good news Bob. Mine was also still undetectable in April, although I still have a prostate, having had hormone therapy and radiotherapy. I am tested every six months or so. Unfortunately, my PAF has come back every 4-6 weeks now after a 3 year gap just to balance things out! The good thing is I am still under different consultants for both - I never underestimate the importance of ‘staying in the loop’ and having an expert to turn to - even if it’s ‘only’ the NHS.

All I can say is God Bless the NHS....they've saved my life three times now. Love 'em flaws, warts and all. 💕

Wish I could say the same for my father and sister.

Am so sorry to hear this. I too lost my father and other relatives to cancer.....its a horrible disease. So am very sorry for your loss. I know I am very lucky to be here.

We need you around here for a long time, glad your news confirms you will be. Happy days 👍

Delighted for you, Bob.

Brilliant news. Happy chopping.

Really good news! Hopefully, you can now relax a bit and enjoy what's left of Summer.

Great it’s gone down again after raising its head, I know how these figures can bring the “unease” and what iffs lurking in your brain, then whoosh cloud gets instantly lifted when they say the test is good.......send those logs to me, we get through masses in the winter!Sue

BobD profile image
BobDVolunteer in reply to Morzine

So do we Sue. I had to actually buy some last winter. Got two piles of well seasoned logs ready now though and drying a few for 2023.

Morzine profile image
Morzine in reply to BobD

oh your sorted then , I love our fire! We buy four stair/ stare?? Spelling? Each autumn, stacking takes ages, I get told to not interfere as I don’t do it properly! That’s handy eh😀

So happy for you Bob! Xx

Good news Bob I’m glad👍

Thats fantastic news Bob. Congratulations! 🥂And happy tree chopping.....the bedroom will be flooded with light!

Good news Bob. You must be relieved. I have treated myself to a "mini" chainsaw . No good for chopping down trees but ace for branches of bushes that would have needed loppers. I can't use anymore those because of weedy arms and shoulders. The mini chainsaw means I don't have to drag my husband away from his tinkering in the garage so much!

BobD profile image
BobDVolunteer in reply to Auriculaire

Mine is only 14inches and terrifies me to be honest. I see the chap I pay to take down the bigger trees climbing them with a running chain saw hanging on a strap off his belt and have to look away!

That is such great news, Bob. Happy day!!

Congrats on your success and many thanks for your contributions in this forum.

You'll enjoy the party all the more then Christmas tree wood a good burner? I'm guessing not a hard wood. We (naughtily) butchered a yew a few years back - it survived well - the wood was amazing.

BobD profile image
BobDVolunteer in reply to Singwell

Yew is traditional wood for an English long bow.

My husband, another Bob just had another “good PSA”…five years and counting…I always watch your reports…with a prayer for both Bobs…👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🍾

Good news Bob. If you are at a loose end now,we have a massive holly tree I'm out front garden and can't find a tree surgeon.....🙂 Keep up the good work.x

BobD profile image
BobDVolunteer in reply to wilsond

Still covered in cuts and scratches from hedge cutting so think I'll pass on that. Left the layering too late last year so they are really overgrown.

Good news Bob! Glad to hear it and hopefully you’ve given it the boot for good 💪 your without doubt a survivor so please don’t go and kill yourself under a falling tree 🤣 good luck 🤞

Good news Bob...and thanks for all your help in this forum

Excellent news Bob. Good on yer.

Great news Im delighted for you. Sounds like you are fighting fit. Hope you all enjoyed the bday party. Stay safe and well.😃


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