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What would you do with these BP numbers?

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Hi all, I am confused by these BP results....never had readings like this before. BP 201 systolic, 101 diatolic, pulse 81. Got many more readings like this taken over two hour period which were mostly in the red alert zone, couple in Amber alert.

What would you do in a situation with these results?

Thank you in advance

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I think I would be ringing my GP for advice and an emergency appointment or ring 111. I would take the machine in with me just to check that the machine was reading correctly.

How are you feeling? If you start to feel unwell please don’t hesitate to call for help.

What is your normal BP and are you on any meds to control BP/HR such as Beta Blockers.

I hope that helps.

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carneuny in reply to CDreamer

Absolutely CD, absolutely.


It looks high to me, but I'm not medically trained.

I would practice deep breathing in an effort to bring it down. Take a deep breath in and exhale fast with a huh. Do this a few times and see if it reduces your BP and if it does then you'll know its your shallow breathing that's causing it. Would try some meditation too, I'd do lots in an effort not to be put on tablets to bring it down. If what I've suggested doesn't help it does sound like you could end up on them though. Have you spoken to your GP about this?


Don’t wish to sound alarmist but I believe you should urgently seek professional medical help and advice starting with your GP if you are from the UK. Home monitoring devices are becoming more accurate over time but an independent check is important. If you are in persistent, AF monitors are known to be inaccurate. If I were you and you find it difficult to get the support you need, I’d be inclined to go to A&E or it’s equivalent. In the meantime, follow the self-help advice already given and keep hydrated and out of the sun. Hope you soon get some positive answers......

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carneuny in reply to FlapJack

To repeat my comment to CD ......... absolutely, Flapjack, absolutely.


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DizzyD in reply to carneuny

Thank you carneuny...See my reply to CDreamer below

I would get professional help asap - your BP seems high to me too. I rang our out-of-hours doctor when my husband suddenly had similar BP readings and was advised to call an ambulance. (That was before COVID) It turned out to be caused by an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin and his BP returned to normal once he stopped taking it.

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DizzyD in reply to Finvola

Thank you Finvola

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seasider18 in reply to Finvola

Why was he prescribed Cipro ? In the last two years doctors have had letters about its dangers and advice not to prescribe it except for serious complaints. The European Medicines Agency had a conference on it attended by patients affected by it and the MHRA have made some (but not enough ) changes to patient information leaflets.

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Finvola in reply to seasider18

seasider - don't get me started about Cipro! He had an infected cyst on his back and had had two lots of antibiotics which seemed to work. This awful drug was prescribed 'in case' by a GP near retirement. After 3 days he had the reaction I described. Only then did we find out what it is normally used for and the awful damage it can do. That was two and a half years ago and I still fume about it.

Go to doc straight away. Take your machine could it be not working properly????? But mines very old and still good.

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DizzyD in reply to Morzine

Thank you Morzine. See my reply to SDreamer below.

Hi DizzyD - I am wondering how you are this morning?

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FlapJack in reply to CDreamer

Me too......

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DizzyD in reply to CDreamer

Hi CDreamer thank you for enquiring as to how I am this morning. I owe everyone an apology because my initial post is somewhat misleading. So sorry!!! The incident in question happened last week and I was admitted by ambulance to a+e at the insistence of paramedics because BP was so high and he was concerned that I could have brain bleed (don't know the medical term).

Spent 11 hours in a+e and only had my BP taken once in triage...still in red alert. Five hours later, trainee medic attempted to take my BP but could not take it because the machine was broken. That was it.

Had mild AFib also....was feeling really unwell with intense "pressure" in my head which was nothing like a headache. Finally saw a actual qualified doctor, (10 hours after being admitted for 2 minutes) who was not concerned about my BP he did not even check it....sent me home. BP was still high when I checked it at home. Took BP meds and bisoprolol lay down to sleep...reached point where I did not care an hoped I would not wake up.

Whole experience in a+e made me feel like a fraud and that I was wasting NHS time....high BP nothing to be concerned about: hence I asked the question above " what would you do in a situation with these results? "

Sorry if I alarmed you.

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CDreamer in reply to DizzyD

Our concern was for you, that doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience. I wish I could say that I was surprised but unfortunately I’ve had similar experiences with A&E concerning AF related matters. You were NOT being a nuisance - nor were you wasting NHS time and as you will note from all the replies you had - we would all have wanted to be checked out in those circumstances. I hope you are able to talk it all through with your GP and perhaps ask what advice they would offer you.

Take very good care now, Best wishes CD

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seasider18 in reply to DizzyD

When I have had numerous such incidents A&E gave me amlodipine to bring it down. Now I have it from my GP to take as a pill in the pocket

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DizzyD in reply to seasider18

Thanks seasider I had already taken my prescribed amlodipine earlier in the evening which is why I was so alarmed when my BP went so high.

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seasider18 in reply to DizzyD

10mg of Amlodipine at the hospital and my BP was usually down from 200+ to 134.Last time I went to A&E a few weeks ago after high readings for three days a headache and blurred vision the triage nurse confirmed the paramedics readings of 230/120. This was despite taking a 5mg Amlodipine in the morning and evening.

After waiting to see a young doctor he got 179/80 and went to get advice . He came back and said 179 is OK you can go home. No other tests had been done. I said that I had been concerned because of the headache and blurred vision that I might be heading for a stroke. What should I do if it went over 200+ again. Take another Amlodipine he said. When I got home at 4.30 am. it was 134/69

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DizzyD in reply to seasider18

Hard to believe that 179 is ok and you were sent home. Can't understand what is going on. Honestly, i won't feel safe going to a+e ever again. I had terrible pressure in my head and behind eyes which horrid. But My main concern was that the high BP, left as it was, would cause more damage to my heart. I have been diagnosed with severe left atrial dilation LAD, (enlarged heart)caused by undiagnosed/ untreated high blood pressure over the years. Now being diagnosed with hypertension and LAD along with AFib it's really important to get medical attentio n especially in my circumstances mentioned above if BP goes too high and does not stabilise with meds. The reason being high BP can make already enlarged heart become more enlarged.Have no idea what damage if any the high BP caused.

Have a rewarding evening

1. Is your BP machine working properly? You don't know unless you have your BP tested by a medic, taking your BP machine with you.2. How did you know your BP was that high? Did you feel unwell and decide to test your BP, or do you have a gadget which you're attached to 24/7? While you do need to see a medic because of your high episode I think gadgets can lead to people over analyzing fluctuations.

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DizzyD in reply to Thomas45

Thank you Thomas45....See my reply to SDreamer above

A quick way to check the machine is to get someone else to use it and see if their results are normal or also high.

Those results are well above any average levels - As they say check the machine then see a doc if they are still high. I used to have readings of180/120 when I was very fat the doc wanted to put me on numerous BP medications.

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DizzyD in reply to TheProf

Thank you Prof....See my reply above to CDreamer

Go to your doctor asap.

I would contact my doctor, these are considered high BP readings and should be investigated even if they were only over a two hour period. It could denote an onset of something more serious, so better to be cautious. I am not medically qualified, this is purely my own advice from years of blood pressure problems

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DizzyD in reply to Genesini

Thank you Genesini see my reply above to CDreamer

I would ring 111 and get it checked out. Are you on meds for BP?

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Vrouse in reply to Scoobisu

Totally agree, ring 111.

Yes Scoobisu I am on BP meds along with bisoprolol and apixiban. See my reply above to CDreamer.

Thank you

Morning DizzyHope you contacted your GP as those readings were dangerously high. Keep well hydrated. If no joy from your surgery and your readings are still high, I would suggest calling 111 who may advise a visit to your local A&E dept just to check you over and possibly give you intravenous drugs to get your BP down. I have been in a similar situation in the past and it’s all good now. Good luck!

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