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Good morning all,

All going good with ticker, few normal blips but a joyous 62bpm in bold green normal on Kardia today.

So my EP has asked me to be part of a new study re. AF and obesity🐖 (cheeky git!!!) I'm happy to do it as I have just been in a depressive slump the last 12 months so anything I will try, plus, selfishly, it will keep me close to the EP and his team as I always feel a bit abandoned after the ablation... so many questions!!

So I'm going to make small steps today an what I would like to know is how much water should I drink daily and does a cuppa tea contribute the amount or cordial or should it be just plain boring water?

I don't half ramble on for one tiny question !! Sorry!

Sara xXxX

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Years ago when my Mum was ill and not drinking enough to help her medication I remember her nurse telling her that 3 cups of tea and two cups of coffee (decaff) could be counted towards your daily 2 litres a day allowance - don't know if that is still the advice? A normal mug is half a pint a normal cup is quarter of a pint. a pint is just a little over half a litre I drink pretty much that avoid fizzy/carbonated drinks and alcohol and because of urological problems drink most early in the day and don't drink after 6 pm though I do have to have a small glass of water with my apixaban at 8pm. For others without my problems a little and often to make up your 2 litres a day.

booboo73 in reply to Desanthony

That sounds good to me... I'm a bugger for my cups of tea, I've cut down for 2 spoons of sugar to half a spoon in a cuppa so if that counted that would be great. I hate fizzy pop and can't drink alcohol so this change may be easy.... thank you xx

Desanthony in reply to booboo73

Yes we both love our cups of tea - best drink in the world. The thinking was way back that tea and coffee didn't count towards your allowance but I think that advice was changed many years ago now. The thing with alcohol is that one drink might be OK - unless you have Af like us maybe, but more actually dehydrates you and I am not sure that that is not also true of carbonated drinks. Be like my father-in-law and drink Adam's ale (Water).

Peony4575 in reply to Desanthony

Corporation gin is what they used to call water in my neck of the woods

Buffafly in reply to booboo73

It doesn’t count if it’s builders’ (am I allowed to say that? Well anyone ‘woke’ around can.....) tea or strong coffee because of the diuretic effect. Strong tea gives me an acid stomach so have to drink ‘dishwater’ anyway!

Hi. I was never a big drinker of water but I find have a jug in the fridge, I filter mine. My tea and coffee are de caf, got used to them very quickly. I drink very few fizzy or diet drinks only in my once in a blue moon alcohol and even then one or at most two. I drink soda water with a dash of lime when out. I could t all my drinks in my daily limit. Xx

I only wish I could lose weight....got up today and hip hurtingSo glad ablation went well.......lockdown not done good at all...got lazy fat,immobile etc

You rant on as much as you need to....it makes me focus......

booboo73 in reply to buddje

It's hard isn't it. I thought I could lose a stone easily in the 2 weeks before my ablation and I really tried and only lost 6lb. It's hard with my oedema too but spring is here and want to feel better, plus Andy is piling it on we are like a pair of weebles. Just gonna book a cottage in May for Scarborough they are some beautiful walks plus near the castle and not a do nut shop in sight!!

buddje in reply to booboo73

I live in Filey and last year it was horrible.like Benedorm on steroids.....rude drunk and violent tourists.left a trail of destruction and a massive covid spike......please be careful...scarbro was worse.We are moving up to North Yorks moors.....and I am so sad....I love Filey...but its not good now

Its changed and around the castle in Scarb lots of probs.........please take care

Jetcat in reply to buddje

My town has got the same too. I live near Leeds and it’s getting worse as time goes on. I love the east coast as well but I have noticed a difference this last few years too.😢

Peony4575 in reply to booboo73

It is so hard to lose weight as you get older and worse if your are only a stone or so over your ideal weight . I looked it up and the calorie allowance for a 65 year old woman to stay the same weight is 1600 calories. That would have been a diet when I was a lass the weight would have dropped off . So moving more is essential as there’s only so far you can go with cutting things out . In lockdown food is something to look forward to, it punctuates the day so dieting doubly hard

Hi. I too find losing weight difficult these days due to my oedema and can stick rigidly to 1200cals and walk between 4-6000 steps. Hoping to build back up to 10000 but heart failure and afib does not help. For example a pound on today but still sticking to diet. Xx


Hi Sara, tea or coffee doesn't count as it is diuretic and has a negative affect on hydration levels. I understand that 2 litres of water a day on average is good, more in hot weather if we ever get any. Cordials contain far too much sugar, bad for lots of reasons so should not be counted or considered.

Ramble on , we have your back.

booboo73 in reply to BobD

Bah humbug. Right water it is, the cordial is m&s low sugar elderflower though.... maybe one glass a day !! Xxx

Hilly22 in reply to booboo73

I buy frozen berries and currants, add some frozen to a glass of water and let it infuse. Adds flavour and makes for a pretty colour! Cucumber water is nice too, better than plain boring water!

Peony4575 in reply to Hilly22

And slices of lemon or lime x

CDreamer in reply to Hilly22

Cucumber with mint - delicious & refreshing on a hot day.

CDreamer in reply to booboo73

Green tea is much better than black tea but still has diuretic qualities. I’m addicted to Pukka lean matcha green tea - my husband thinks I drink too much of it = 3 cups a day - otherwise I stick to hot water.

Buffafly in reply to BobD

Problem with water in hot weather is that I can’t get rid of it so end up with swollen legs and tummy so I’m not sure how much good it does if you have to have medication to get rid of it? Anyone know?

CDreamer in reply to Buffafly

Sorry can’t help - I have the opposite problem!

Moderation in all things and a little and often if you have problems drinking enough. Rule of thumb used to be if your urine is dark you are not drinking enough it should be light in colour.

BobDVolunteer in reply to Desanthony

I use the white wine v Lucozade guide. White wine good-- Lucozade drink more water. If it's Rose see a doctor. lol 😁

CDreamer in reply to BobD

Unless you had beetroot the day before!


Panicked once after roast beetroot!

Maggimunro in reply to BobD

So did I Bob. I actually had a cystoscopy booked to investigate the pink wee. Fortunately I worked it out when I spotted that the dog also had pink wee and she had snaffled the salad /beetroot leftovers on a plate left on a side table. So I had a pink face when I had to cancel the cystoscopy, not pink wee.

Ah well.

Peony4575 in reply to Maggimunro

Interesting veggie taste your dog has . Mine eats around vegetables. The only things my golden retriever steals are paper tissues/napkins/kitchen roll which she goes mad for . Other retriever owners have reported the same thing . Odd

Hilly22 in reply to Peony4575

Best dog we ever had was a golden retriever. He didn’t like veg, but had a thing about underwear 😳. Used to steal it from our bedrooms and offer it to our guests by dropping it gently at their feet. So embarrassing 😳 😂

Peony4575 in reply to Hilly22

Lol. No kids at home these days so underwear stored safely out of reach . Tilly is exactly the same , as soon as anyone arrives she scoots round looking for something to bring them. We have a motley collection of little dog blankets scattered about she uses. She is five now and brings joy beyond belief !

Hilly22 in reply to Peony4575

She sounds adorable 🥰

I am so pleased you are going on ok

Jane xx

My dog eats practically every veg. and fruit, he is 12 years old and quite slim for a labrador. Every time we take him to the vets for a check up they say he is a good weight. He is also still fit enough to run to his dinner plate.

Hilly22 in reply to san_ray70

Had a Newfoundland that went crazy for broccoli stalks. He’d only have to hear me cutting it up and he’d be at my feet drooling!

I try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. A friend of mine had a problem with kidney stone. Her consultant told her that her urine should look like champagne. If it were darker she should drink more water. Good luck with the diet booboo. Keep walking.

I'm busy reading Dr Ranjan Chatterjee's latest book - 'Feel Great, Lose Weight'. It is bang up-to-date and full of strategies, based on science, which help to kid your body into wanting to eat less etc. Well worth the read, and No - He doesn't recommend 'dieting' in the traditional sense, as it just makes your body think you really are starving - so it stores your food up all the more! Worth a try!

Before I had persistent AF I used to do a lot of running, and drank little coffee, being aware of its diuretic effect and worried about dehydration. Then, I began to hear of studies suggesting it wasn't really much of a diuretic after all. I believe that the present evidence suggests little effect if you drink normal quantities. A summary can be found here:bbc.com/future/article/2014...

The sugar might be an issue if you're trying to lose weight though! Years ago I used to drink strong, very milky tea with 3 sugars (I can't believe it now!), but weaned myself off it. I now drink comparatively weak black tea, and black coffee. It took a while, but I grew to love it. If you gave me tea with milk & sugar now I really wouldn't be able to drink it - I guess it's just a case of what you are used to tastes good.

Stick to water and no sugar or sugary drinks for now, make your heart feel good and it will repay you by healing quicker. Tea is OK (no sugar) but have it with the water. There is no set amount but between 1.5ltr and 2.5ltr depending on your size is around average. Too much or too little water is not good for the heart, especially when its recovering.

Hi Sara that’s great news. Tea does count as part of your liquid intake but no sugar and low fat milk would be good. I usually aim to get around 2 litres of liquid down per day and I usually get more. Leave out any fizzy pop drinks as they contain a lot of sugar or sweeteners.! Don’t go overboard though because you can flush your system of electrolytes etc.?

I'm finding using my sodastream to make fizzy water has made consuming more water more interesting. Also, tea counts as long as its non-caffeinated.

Do you drink decaf tea, I avoid caffeine like the plague, I try and drink a lot of water everyday, have a busy job and do at least two litres a day in the winter and up to 3or4 litres in the summer.

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