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Did you react to the COVID vaccine?


After reading another post on here about this I think it would be helpful if people posted their after vaccine experience, if any.

That way we can all make an informed judgement on what we might expect to happen or not happen.

AF or no AF, arrhythmia or no arrhythmia and so on.....

And FYI..


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I'll start with zero effect on my heart. Lets keep it simple.

Astra Zennica. Nothing, not even a sore arm!


Pfizer first jab 2 weeks ago. No side effects. 72, permanent AF.

Astra Zenica 3 weeks ago. I day bad headache. Heart fine. P A F

Exactly ditto.

Astra Zenica, one day feeling like I had flu, headache, body ache, tiredness and heart bouncing around. Gradually eased off over a few days.

Jay10 in reply to jeanjeannie50

Same here Jean, had to take Pill in Pocket to settle heart down one evening.

I had exactly the same Jean as we have discussed. I had AZ vaccine.

Astra Zeneca 2 weeks ago. Felt rough day of vaccine. Headache and painful arm for the first week. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

AZ 2 days ago slightly sore arm nothing else

Pfizer both shots. Arm a little sore, possibly a little tired day after. Nothing heart related.

Had Astra Zeneca a week ago. Flu like symptoms started on the night time. Still feel "off" a week later. Nothing I can't handle. No heart symptoms at all.

Pfizer. Sore arm for 2 days and very mild feeling, like catching a cold for a couple of days.

AstraZeneca 3 days ago, no change to heart rhythm, slight headache for one day.

AZ 5days ago. Racing heart rate for 3/4 days, extreme fatigue, nausea and joint pain for 24hrs. Sore arm but not a problem and feeling back to normal now apart from tiredness.

DoubleEm in reply to Angie06

Hi Angie, my husband is interested in your account of a racing heart. He is very nervous about having the vaccine and is worried at how you managed this for 3/4 days - was it constantly racing for that period, did you have to medicate or seek medical help or did you take it easy and rest up?

Angie06 in reply to DoubleEm

Hi, I didn't medicate as I found resting and deep breathing helped to bring it down but as soon as started moving about it went up to 120 which is high for me but not as bad as going into full AF. It lasted 2 days then back to normal on day 3 before reoccurring on day 4 . Still better than catching the virus and a good excuse to take a break from housework!

DoubleEm in reply to Angie06

Thank you. I will try to reassure him but unfortunately he reacts badly to many medications / vaccines often manifesting as allergic reactions, so he's already worried about that. So the possibilities of anything else is just another stressor for him.

Hi. Pfizer two weeks ago tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd March, however my problem is I also started a new medication the day after and not sure what has caused the issues as I also get side effects with a lot of meds. For a few days after the jag I felt tired and my limbs were heavy and I felt like I was plodding when I walked. I had sore shoulders and neck and my lower back sore when I was out walking. Then my a fib started playing up with me getting ok readings on my Kardia but the readings showing a very erratic heart rate ie starting high then coming down quickly to 80+. I rested up for a few days and am now trying to get back to the good place I was in for the last couple of months. The longest I have felt good since diagnoses last January

I have permanent t a fib and heart failure. I plan to speak to my cardio nurse this week. Xx

Pfizer vaccine. Sore arm for day. Nothing further

I was fine

Had mine 2 weeks ago. No problem no reaction at all. Pzizer

Hi. Me too. No AF and no pain in the arm or any flu type symptoms. Astra Zeneca.

Pfizer 4 weeks ago. Sore arm for a couple of days, nothing cardiac. I have paroxysmal AF.

Had mine 2 weeks ago, had a sore arm for 2 days no other reactions, heart well behaved.

I had AZ first dose 10 days ago. Slightly sore arm almost not worth mentioning.

Moderate headache for two days controlled by Paracetamol.

Nausea, I vomited once.

Tiny amount of arrhythmia for a few days. I would normally get slight heart irregularity whenever I feel ill, so that wasn't a surprise.

After my vaccination of the Oxford type i only had side effects of feeling a bit weak which lasted 5 days

Had 1st dose of AZ on 13 Feb, heart was irritated for a few days. Sore arm, felt a bit unwell and tiredness for a few days.

coronavirus-yellowcard.mhra... Please report any adverse effects from the vaccine via the coronavirus yellow card system. This is the UK system that records and informs the MHRA .

Pfizer on 4th Feb no immediate effect but AF on 11th Feb nothing since.

1st dose I was totally fine. No issues. 2nd dose I felt terrible. I had chills, body aches, head ache, and tiredness. That started about 18 hours after the 2nd dose and lasted about 24 hours. I had ZERO heart related issues. I got Moderna BTW

AZ 2 weeks ago. Slight bruised/achy feeling in arm for a few days but that’s it. All else fine. ❤️

AstroZenica - zero effect - not even a sore arm!

I had the Oxford vaccine 3 weeks ago. Headache and flu like symptoms for 24 hours but no effect on heart rate.

Astra zenerca. Mild aches and pains. Slight temperature for a couple of days. Stiff arm. Intermittent AF for a couple of days but The previous week I had also had similar so not necessarily vaccine related. X

Pfizer vaccine. Sore arm briefly, nothing else.

1st AZ, no heart effect, pulse and BP stable, moderate headache and tiredness for 2 days, no effect on arm.

My wife, daughter-in-law (a nurse) and I felt only a sore arm after the Pfizer vaccine with some "muzzyness" like a mild hang over. A friend with permanent AF felt the same. Two relatives had more soreness and a little swelling at the injection site with the AZ vaccine.

The vaccine is safe. We would all eventually have caught Covid without it. I feel deeply grateful to the scientists, universities and pharmaceutical companies who have worked so diligently and hard on our behalf.


Pfizer tender arm for 2 days.

Pfitzer - slight arm tenderness for about 36 hours.

Astra-Zeneca two weeks and no side effects.

HavePAF had Astro Zeneca. No sore arm no side effects

Pfizer, four weeks ago today. No effect whatsoever, not even a sore arm. ( Although I did have a very good night’s sleep. Does that count?)

I had the Pfizer vaccine yesterday morning and unfortunately realised that I was in af when I woke at 4am this morning. I took my pip and it was done and dusted within 2 hours, thankfully. I also have a slight sore arm, which is to be expected but no other symptoms yet. I will report through the yellow card site. Of course, whether it was caused by the vaccine or not, I have no idea!

Cally53 in reply to Cally53

By the way, it won't stop me having the second one!

AZ - A niggling forehead/ top of head ache for 3 days. Took 5 paracetamols over 3 days. No effect on AF.

Astr Zeneca, first jab, felt 'fluey' and lethargic for two or three days, no soreness in my arm and no problems with AF. Just want my second one now 😊

flu symptoms for 24 hours and a bad headache, all controlled with paracetemol, no afib at all, Astro Z jab. Well worth it and very grateful for it.

Oxford 1st jab: flu like symptoms for 24 hours plus chest pain, and in and out of AF/arrhythmias

Very helpful post & replies as still making my mind up. Thank you all!

Had the Pfizer vaccine 4 weeks ago. Had some cold type symptoms and sniffles for a few days and a sore arm with redness - about 2 inches circle around injection site. No unusual heart issues that I noticed. Injection site was still a bit tender to touch for about 2 weeks after. Other than that ok.

Pfizer vaccine, slightly sore arm, nothing else.

I had the Pfizer in January, sore arm for 2 days thats all.

AZ 3 days ago. 6 hours later started flu like symptoms like I haven’t had for years, plus racing heart. Husband with no af had same symptoms, his heart racing less.We were both better but not 100% yesterday. Paracetamol helped plus lots of fluids.

Still very pleased to have had the vaccine and certainly don’t want to put anyone off.

AZ Tuesday, after 18 hours headache and aching joints, resting HR up slightly (52 to 55), no AF.

AstraZenica 1 week ago, headache & fatigue for 1day, then fine....no AF

Both Pfizer jabs. No heart problems. Felt quite rough after both...just headache and weary and a bit hot. Lasted a couple of days,no need for bed. Very grateful.

No effects for me (I had P-AF 3 days later but have episodes every 10 days anyway so no connection I would say. )

No effects for my 84 year old brother who has AF (or his wife)

No effects for my sister or her husband who has stents after a heart attack.

We all had the AZ vaccine

Good thread!

AZ first jab 10 days ago. No AF or other arrhythmia (which I had wondered about, as I find it can be triggered by fever).

I thought I had got away with no side effects, then at about 20 hours headache and aches kicked in. Tired. Lasted a few days. No problem, nothing I couldn’t cope with, and just so relieved to have had the vaccine :)

AZ nothing on my heart rate etc., but felt tired so went to bed early, next day fine.

I had my jab in December and it all went very well no after effects at all. And I am very symptomatic with my episodes of AF. So no one hesitate and go and get the jab.

AstraZenica vaccine, only slightly sore injection site.

I had the Pfizer vaccination with no systemic reaction whatsoever. Slight bruisy feeling at the site of injection lasting 2 days.

Pfizer, sore arm, no heart reaction.

Oxford vaccine . No AF issues . Flu like symptoms which came on 5 hrs after jab but had disappeared after good night sleep.

I had an ablation a year ago had the oxford jab 11 days ago no known effect on my heart to date.

However, I reacted with the following :- flu like symptons ,swelling of the face with red blotches generally feeling unwell with loss of appetite.

Only today day 12 do I feel 90%. I must add that I also reacted badly to 6 AF drugs, so maybe I should have expected a reaction.

The chemist who injected me said he did not think I would have a reaction other than a sore arm.

No problems heart ok

My Husband and I both had our Pfizer jab 3 to 4 weeks ago, no probs whatsoever. Our local Surgery did us proud. Well done and thank you.

I had my Pfizer vaccine 4 weeks ago. A sore for for a day but nothing else to report. My husband who has many health issues was the same. Thank you to all involved.

Absolutely fine, nothing to report at all except very grateful!

Pfizer vaccine 3 weeks ago, no noticeable reaction except relief!

Pfizer vaccine 1 week ago. No reaction whatsoever - wouldn't have known I'd had a jab. Age 69, persistent AF

Pfizer, slightly sore arm, no AF

Pfizer, no problems at all and feeling a lot more relaxed!

I had 1st Pfizer jab 10 days ago. No reaction. Everything fine.

Pfizer. Only a sore arm.

Had the AZ vaccine felt very achy and hot next day and six days after the vaccine woke early in the morning feeling ill and fainted, coming around I was sick and have been in AF ever since, ( 2 weeks ). I’ll still have the second jab though.

Second Pfizer vaccine 3d ago. Mild arm soreness only. NO afib.

( A huge relief to know that I will be less likely to get serious/lethal COVID infection. Being freed of COVID anxiety feels like a big boost to my heart health.)

Had AZ vaccine Wednesday last week. Next day had odd sensation in chest. Lived with it until Saturday when I went to A & E, where AF was diagnosed. First episode I've known of in four years. I was given Bisoprolol to slow heart. I don't think I am now in AF but pulse still irregular.

Really helpful post. Thank you

xr1450 in reply to DoubleEm

You're welcome.

Astra Zeneca - no effect on Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation, but I had headache, dizziness, nausea, louder tinnitus for two days, all eased off and back to normal after 4th day.

Astra Zeneca three days ago. Sore arm For 36 hours otherwise fine. Heart rate unaffected

AZ 1st vacc. on 14/02. On 16/02 started sneezing and sore palate similar to hay fever. Only sneezed 2X today (18/02) but palate sore and bloodshot, + discoloured tongue.

There is a condition called covid tongue, perhaps look it up online and see if it matches what you have.

Thanks, will do.

After being in N.S.R. for 4months after changing my beta blocker; l had my1st A.Z. vaccine . At first l felt fine ,none of the usual side effects, then l went into A.F. and my blackouts were back. I ended up in hospital. for 5 days.The morning l came home l had an I.L.R. put in my chest. I still believe in vaccination and will be going for my 2nd vaccination in April as l believe it is the only way for us to get back to a near normal life.

Had AZ vaccine. No problem for 2 days, not even a sore arm, but after 2 days, felt very tired and my arm became sore. Arm is better today (6 days on) but still feel tired. No noticable extra AF issues. Good job I wasn't working this week.

Had Pfizer jab two weeks ago. Initially no problems, but after a week I had an AF episode about two am. I took pip, but weirdly started feeling cold and shivery, which lasted for about half an hour. Eventually everything calmed down, I have paroxysmal AF which luckily for me doesn't kick in too often, but this was a very unusual episode.

Pfizer. A little headachy and slightly tired the next day.

Astra zeneca, only side effect was a bad headache for around 24 hours. No heart problems at all.

Pfizer 36hours ago. Sore arm - but currently have rotator cuff injury so arm was already painful!

Oxford A-Z on 24th Jan didn’t feel the injection at all. No after effects.

I had the Pfizer three weeks ago, no effect on my afib although I did experience mild flu like symptoms for a couple of days. Second dose scheduled in two days.

Pfizer yesterday - didn't feel a thing. In fact I thought the nurse hadn't done it heh.

HR fine and nearly 24 hours on. Slightly sore arm when I woke up but even that seems to be passing now - no worries.

10/10 for the staff there and the GP surgery for getting me in so quickly. I would have had to wait longer but from last weekend 'our Boris' and his mates decided afib is classed as a chronic heart condition. If you have afib and haven't been contacted yet get in touch with your GP and you'll get the jab asap.


Had my Pfizer jab 2 weeks and one day ago - no side effects whatsoever. Barely had a sore arm and so happy to say I am still in NSR after having my CV a year ago Feb 3rd 2020 That's the longest one has ever lasted for me.

Pfizer both shots. Headache after the second one which subsided after 12 hours after taking 1 Tylenol. No AF.

Thanks to all, who have replied here. I have just been called andwas a bit nervous about going... Has eased my mind a bit.

Thank You

Had AZ jab yesterday, feeling a bit crook today. Shivering and all joints are aching, touch wood heart seems to be ok though. Had my second ablation 10 weeks ago so was a bit nervous, have taken couple of paracetamol, plenty of fluids and feeling a wee bit sorry for myself! Glad to have had the vaccination though.


20 mins after the AZ jab my face and chest went bright red but I’d already left the vaccine centre. Sore arm appeared after the allotted timeframe. Then I had a painful burning face a week later I had to get treatment from my GP. What I wasn’t prepared for was 10 days post jab my heart started palpitating and continued from the Saturday to the Monday evening I went to A&E on the Sunday night and had an ECG that said I was in nsr which neither me or my GP could believe so A&E wouldn’t do anything but with the help of my GP he got it stopped. That was my first jab. I’m loath to get the 2nd one.

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