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After I had a stroke I was diagnosed with AF. I was put on a number of tablets including Ramipril and Amlodipine for high blood pressure. My ankles and feet are regularly very swollen, and I have read that Amlodipine often causes this. Does anyone know of a tablet that performs in the same way to lower blood pressure, but does not give the swelling.

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Amlodoine is a calcium chanel blocker so diltiezem will have the same effect. Since we are not medically trained we must not advise you on this subject but be assured that there are alternatives. I suggest that you have an in depth discussion with your doctor.

Hi feeling my situation is similar I was on both after a stroke.I am now of R because of questionable reactions regarding Covid. So the Gp upped the Am to 10mg my ankles swelled even though they were ok on 5mg I did not feel well so you must speak to GP or Clinical pharmacist. There will be other combined routes. Keep well.

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