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Part of My Garden This Morning


Part of my garden

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Lovely Jean.

Beautiful x

Beautiful Jean ❤❤

How lovely Jean you could certainly soothe the soul in there 🌝

Thank you, it certainly soothes mine.

Looks lovely

Perfect. Just perfect.



Forgot to ask you Jean are you still in NSR?

Of sorts, just get little episodes, it's bit of a long story. You know me and pills, well you can guess the rest!

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We are soulmates on the subject of pills!!!

What a pretty,colourful garden! You must live in the south somewhere as my roses aren’t in bloom yet- I’m in the north east.

Yes, I live in a small seaside town in South Devon.

I can vouch for Jeans garden looking equally impressive in the flesh as it is on the photo having been in it on a number of occasions. She also makes a mean roast dinner and her gravy is something extra special.

Can't wait for lockdown to be over so I can travel the 270 miles for my next fix. Jean you have been warned lol. Keep safe my friend X

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So a gathering at Jeans for us all ☺

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Im in if someone will send a boat for me here in the US. 😉

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I have the address Tyson lol .

Hey Mrs Meadfoot, I can soon take you off the roast dinner invite list.

I know which side my bread is buttered but i so love to tease lol. X

We both think alike, so I know every move. 😄

Ok you flatterer, I think that's earned you another roast dinner. X

Looks so beautiful

Thanks Kaz, I'm bit of an idiot actually. I've just this minute tethered a rambling rose upright that was leaning down in the picture, it had fallen forward in the winds we had a while back. It's as tall as the yellow rose. Would have been a better photo, but never mind.

Not sure you could've taken a better picture jeanjeannie50 , you've caught the light beautifully.

Thank you.

Loads of colour in turn making it a very picturesque display. It (looks like) two different types of Acers alongside one another, are they in pots? I only ask because when they are in the ground, they will grow taller and bush out, they will then cramp one another and prove difficult to move.

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Thank you John, it's ok the Acers are in large pots. I have 4 different ones in total. Used to have the most beautiful pink one, but I bragged about it and it died within days!


How beautiful, so many colours.

That’s so beautiful a little piece of heaven xx

Best month of the year when all the garden comes to life. It lifts the spirits and I think we all need our spirits lifted don’t we?

My rose of the month is Rambling Rector. I would guess 10,000 flowers and one that honey bees are very attracted to. The only problem is that as the name suggests it is hard to keep under control. 😂😇


I bought a rambling rose called Seagull, that goes berserk too and I wouldn't recommend as it has quite a short flowering time. My yellow rose is Arthur Bell and that repeat flowers and I would certainly recommend. What colour is your rambling rector and is it repeat flowering?


Rambling Rector is white with a yellow centre and has masses of small blooms. You are right very hard to control, the first one I ever saw was 40ft high in a large Oak tree. It only flowers once a year but it is worth it the perfume is wonderful.

I do have other repeating climbers such as Mme Grégoire Staelin a large beautiful pink flower with bright red hips in the Autumn.

I expect we will get told off for straying from AF but what the heck never mind eh!


It's so quiet on here lately. I'm wondering if people like to talk about their AF more in the colder months.

I agree slowly the forum has changed. Makes me wonder how many of the 19512 members now look regularly.


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I know what you mean Pete. I’ve gone quiet, but always take a look in case there’s anything I can help with. But I’ve never had an ablation or taken flecainide so my advice is limited.

It was so lovely to see this post - takes our minds off our troubles and puts a smile on our faces.

I hope you’re well 😊

I do 💓I only comment if I feel I can be of some help but I am always lurking. Beautiful garden Jean. Very uplifting and I must admit to needing that to day. X

We are all in the gardens! Lol! But I do feel better in the it psychological??

When the sun shines I feel like I'm on holiday! I also think gardening is very therapeutic and so satisfying when you see the results.

Have a good day.

Another one to shun is Wedding Day. I bought a tiny specimen years ago in M&S to bring here when we only came for hols. It grew into a sycamore and totally overwhelmed it and long branches armed with vicious thorns grew out and constantly had to be pruned back so tbey did not scratch you as you went past. In the end I had to get rid of it. But in June it was glorious.

I nearly bought Wedding Day instead of Seagull. We live and learn!

Very envious, I’m on 10 acres in Florida but I love Devon & Cornwall, esp the coast

Trebah gardens outside of Falmouth is a favorite, I just feel at home down that neck of the woods.

Enjoy your posts & you make a mean gravy, wow!

Great garden Jean, nice place to sit with a cuppa!

Thank you Nugger. I've visited most of the public gardens in Cornwall and Devon and Trebah is lovely, but I can tell you that the National trust Property, Coleton Fishacre near Kingswear in South Devon has the best gardens anywhere. Second to them comes the RHS gardens at Rosemoor near Torrington, North Devon:

What do you grow on your 10 acres?


The next time I’m over, which is normally at least once a year, I’ll put them on my bucket list.

We actually have 2 properties, moved here last April, from a 5 acre plot, which is on 20 min away, we mainly grow flowers but do have tomatoes, cucumbers & greens growing.

North Florida is a strange place for gardening because 100 miles south & it’s tropical but here sub tropical, we have cold fronts that sweep down from the north in the winter & have had -7c but that was 10 years ago, normally-2c but this is cold enough to kill tender plants.

I’ve planted 4 avocados this year, that once the trunk gets to 2 inch diameter, should take -5c also planted a mango that I will have to cover at first signs of frost.

We have some huge bamboo & too many flowers to mention.

The Suwannee River is at the bottom of the road & runs down into the gulf, 30 min from us, great place for hunting, fishing, kayaking ect but the best bit, not many people lol

Sounds really lovely where you live.

If you do come this way at some time drop me a PM beforehand and you can both have your own private guide to show you around Coleton Fishacre. It's hidden out in the countryside down some very small lanes.

Your generosity astounds me Jean, or should I say I’m gob smacked!

Will do, thanks Frank xoxo

Thanks for all the knowledge sharing Nugger and giving us your location 😊 take care enjoy your days💕😊📿🌈

When last in the UK we went to visit Cotehele more East Cornwall I loved all the stately homes but that one was fantastic

Cotehele is so old and characterful and I think they have one of the largest daffodil collections in the country. The old spit over the fire fascinated me and the fact that they have no electric lighting. It's one of the many National Trust properties. I volunteer as a room guide for them in one of their properties near me.

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Loved your botanic gardens in Naples. To see all those orchids growing outside. Wow!

Wow Jeannie! I know like many of us you have been through the ups & downs of paf/af/ablations etc as well as offering advice on here you have done well to keep your garden looking like that. I expect like me you find it theraputic when well enough to do a little bit of gardening here & there. Expect to see you on Gardening World one of these days 😉

Thank you - At times it's been a struggle to keep it under control. Now I try to do a bit each day to keep it looking ok, usually in the late afternoon. I hate to say it but after weeks of sunshine we could now do with some rain.

Yes, same here. I have to do a bit at a time & not overdo it when I feel well & in NSR. Thing is being in nsr makes one realise how life was before AF & so appreciate each day in NSR. There was a time I could spend hours doing gardening but not anymore! Even winding back the housepipe is can be exhausting - agree a drop of rain (overnight!) Would help. Thank you for sharing

Absolutely beautiful, we have Acer doing very well at the moment. Fortunately we have also got the weather to sit out & enjoy our gardens. Keep safe.

Thank you. Are your Acer's in the ground or pots? They won't grow in my soil, but other people living in my road have them planted. Keep saying I'll try again, but my garden is quite full. I call myself a plantaholic.

Hello, our Acer are in pots & look really well, as you know they are very particular which compost they are planted in.

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Jean, if they will grow in our soil 95% stone they will grow in anyones. With all of our plants I had to create the conditions ie suitable soil etc. If there is a trick then it is to spend a little bit more on the soil for the given plant.

Mine is in the garden. We have clay soil. X

My soil is more alkaline, I did measure it once. I've tried to grow Pieris plants too, with no luck.

Meadowfoot - Your mention of roast dinner & gravy at Jeannies .... sounds rather delicious!


So beautiful!

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Thank you Hoski.

U bin knicking cuttings from all the National Trust gardens nearby 😉. Looks terrific, and what’s all this about roast dinners!!

That’s so pretty Jean!

I’m itching to go to a garden centre but too scaredy to go😐

Just ordered a dwarf lemon tree online 🤗


Thank you Pat.

Where will you keep your dwarf lemon tree, do you have a greenhouse, conservatory or maybe you'll keep it indoors? I've just had two grape vines removed from my greenhouse, one black and one green, sounds like a crazy thing to do, but they both had seeds in! Will look for a black one without seeds now.

Yes, I can understand that you're feeling too scared to go to a garden centre! One that I like to go to locally is deep in the countryside in the grounds of an old vicarage, so when visiting you can look around the garden too and have a cream tea sat out there. I love to get out of the car and hear the noisy crows. Can also visit the little church next door, which contains the grave of a Baskerville, apparently Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visited this area and mixed with someone of that name. Hence his book The Hound of the Baskervilles.


Jean, I’ve not totally thought the lemon tree thing through as it was an expensive impulse buy. I’m Thinking it can be outdoors for summer then I’ll bring it indoors. It comes in a lovely pot but I want a new large terracotta one which will have to wait til I can pluck up the courage for a garden centre visit.

I did a drive pass of my preferred GC but the socially distant queue was so long it made me weigh up how badly I needed those new pots and plants.

No, I don’t have a greenhouse or conservatory😐. It is a dwarf tree which only reaches 6ft when fully grown.

I’ll have to get rid of a sofa when the time comes 😄.

Grapes with pips in is such a first world problem! I’ve not had a pippy grape for years. Who’d have realised years ago, that all that bitter pip crunching would be a thing of the past!

Pat x

All things bright and beautiful


What a lovely display Jean 😃


That’s beautiful


Gorgeous !

Beautiful colours

Lovely garden. Aren't we lucky to have our gardens especially at this time of lockdown? I have a very small courtyard garden but I love it. It's a bee haven. I feel for the people who are trapped in flats especially with small children. It must be very hard for them.

Thank you. We certainly are lucky and I count my blessing every day.

Nothing i can add to all other reply.,but i couldn't be without a garden its so good for the soul and peace

I think it's true soul food, as is the countryside. There's so much beauty around us, but some people can't see it. How lucky are we that can!

Beautiful. We moved to this property 4 years ago and were pleased that we have a lovely purple coloured Acer in our garden. We couldn't grow them in our previous garden as it was wet, heavy clay. Our soil here is excellent for growing and weeds lift out with ease.

Thank you. Acers are quite striking aren't they. Did you think about what soil yo wanted to have before you moved to your new house, or was it just luck?

No, it wasn't actually on our list of wants. We did want south facing though, which we were lucky to get. To be honest, a lot of our town is heavy clay and we were surprised that our bungalow isn't. Apparently there is quite a large pocket of land in this part of the town that has absolutely no clay in it at all so it freely drains. Lucky us.

How lovely, such beautiful colours x

A table ready for sandwiches, scones , cream and strawberry jam. Looks absolutely lovely. Ready for a nice pot of tea and the best china.

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Thank you Ian. Yes, I'd put the umbrella up then.

My great nephew in the USA was once asked at school to make a cardboard boy, then they had to post him off and see how far he could travel. He sent him to me and I set the table for afternoon tea and took a photo of him sat there, then I took him down to the harbour in my town and photographed him there and in front of a famous ship replica, lots of other places too. Every time I took photos I emailed them to my great nephew with a message from cardboard boy saying what he'd done. He was the star of the class and the emails read out and looked forward to by all.


Blooming Bonza👍🌸🌺

Absolutely beautiful Jean. Love the colours x

Gorgeous. There's nothing like a beautiful garden for making the present restrictions on going out and about less onerous. I have got lots done in mine this spring and it gives me endless pleasure - apart from the painful knees!


We were planning to move house last month, to a place with a smaller garden, but as the one we have has saved our sanity and provided a space to exercise over the last few weeks, we’ve pulled out. We feel so lucky to have it.

Had to buy a new barbecue as a family of robins has nested in our old one ... five babies! Wish I could get a photo without disturbing them. Enjoy 💐 😊

Oh how lovely to have the robins nest! A friend had a blackbird nest in his greenhouse, he set up a camera and we all watched the chicks hatch, be fed by mum and dad, grow and fly away. I was enthralled that the parents ate the egg shells, mind you they eat the poo too which is excreted in a sac after the young are fed.

That must’ve been so fascinating to watch Jean.

I’m so glad we discovered the robins before the hot weather as they’re in a metal barrel barbecue. We’re like a couple of mother hens creating shade and wind protection so they don’t get too hot or too cold. I’ll be knitting them sun hats next lol 😂

The parents are so busy all day, in and out with worms and food we’re leaving out for them ... it’s better than Netflix lol 😂

I understand just how enthralling it is! My friend put up shade in his greenhouse for the blackbirds and left them a dish of mealworms. It must be hot for the robins living in a metal container, but fine if you're shading it. Good job they have you - aunty and uncle to keep an eye out. 😊

Wow! That’s beautiful. Almost worth having to stay at home😀

Beautiful colours

Fabulous. You must be a good four weeks ahead of us here in southern Scotland. I am waiting for my plants to colour up. Bit of a green time between the bulbs and summer colour. This gorgeous weather is keeping the midges away too. When it comes to meds I too hate them and only take half the lowest dose of Sotalol. Had a day full of ectopics (Bigeminy) yesterday and felt I feel great. Hey ho. Gardening keeps me sane.

Thank you.

Sorry you had those ectopics yesterday. We never know from one day to the next how we're going to feel do we, but such is life when you have a heart arrhythmia!

I'm just finishing pulling up the last of the forget-me-nots and hyacinths. Aquilegia have finished flowering too, love-in-a-mist now coming out and poppys too. My front garden has loads of marigolds in bloom, they self seed and I have to thin them out.

Enjoy your day while you feel well.

Stunning. Thank you for sharing.

Very pretty!

Spectacular Garden

A little piece of heaven

You are blessed

Stunning garden! I have a quite a big new border waiting to be planted so this has given me inspiration, together with all the tips from others about plant choices. Thanks!!

Just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful , you must be proud of your colorful sanctuary. A good place to go to refresh your mind. Thank You

A few months ago a friend of my wife's said she wanted to get rid of several acers and did I want them., they were both in big pots and she wanted to re-use the pots. So off we went. The first pot was a moderately big size so I dug away and out it came. Very root bound but in one piece.. The bigger one of the two was firmly established, sitting on the top of a stone patio.

I dug out the earth and put it to one side , I tugged and I pulled but the tree did not move. Eventually it got to the stage where the tree could be rocked from side to side and the pot could be moved slightly.

I found a wedge and tapped it gently underneath, got a torch and shone it underneath. There growing the middle of the pot was a lovely thick root, which vanished into the stone patio. No wonder it wouldn't move.

By this time it was getting dark. A grand scavenge around was called for and a long thin saw was found. After a bit of awkward sawing the pot came free. leaving a sizeable root sticking out of the pot. More sawing to get it flush with the base of the pot.

The Root was prised out of the drain hole that it had completely blocked and the tree was shoved into a big bag, followed by a quick tidy up.

I am pleased to say they both seem to be surviving in my garden, they are in leaf and are swallowing up lots of water and I am looking forward to seeing the grow in the next few years.

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What an interesting story Ian. You were lucky to be given them as they are so expensive to buy. Is your soil more acid than alkaline? Acers and pieris both die if I plant them in mine, but I intend to have another go with an acer. Just not sure I have room for them with 5 trees in my back garden already!

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Your account made me laugh! I did something similar in my last garden, put a plant in the soil and after a couple of years wondered why it wasn't thriving. I dug around, and discovered that when using the pot to create the perfect hole for the plant, I had forgotten to discard the nursery supplied black plastic pot. I had to dig all round and remove what I could but the base had split and had far too many roots going through. It survived!

An old gardener told me that its not the quality of the tree, its the quality of the hole it goes into, as in dig your hole, fill it full of water, give it a good layer of compost, soak the tree, pop it in the hole, more compost and regular watering and a bit of weeding now and then. I will have to check the acidity.

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Although they don't appear to survive in my garden, neighbours a few houses down have them in theirs.



Such work, but so worth it. Nicely done.

Cracking job Jean 👌

I LOVE this! Colourful gardens take a while to create but are so worthwhile. In our last house we had a much larger garden (now have a courtyard in London) and amazingly the house sold in 2008 when the market slumped, and it was on account of the garden. I walked the lovely couple who bought around and told them every plant and why it was in that position, and they asked me to leave information. I did as I had a spreadsheet with instructions for every single plant.

Irene, that was nice of you to do that for the couple that bought your house. I have a plan of my garden somewhere saying what each plant is. I come across it about every 5years, when I'm looking for something else. I've lived in my house for almost 40 years and never want to leave it. My roots are too deep here for me to ever transplant elsewhere. 😊

Stunning x

Beautiful beautiful 🌞🌞👌