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I am withdrawing for a while at least


I just received the NHS text to stay indoors as I’m in the very highly vulnerable group. (Not because of the AF!)

I feel very upset and very vulnerable, especially at a response to one of my replies to someone I was attempting to help so I need to withdraw & recover my equilibrium.

My dear friends on HU AF forum - I wish you well 😘

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Stay strong CD and come back soon.

Hey CD, I understand completely; however, some people just don't get it-ever, their entire life. Be well.

Be well xx

Keep well CD . Hope you are not away too long.x

Good decision, it will give you the chance to keep an eye on Hubby too. We will miss your wise words but hopefully it will not be long before you feel able to come back.

Keep well, John

Look after yourself, love your posts.

We’ll miss you CD - keep well, keep safe, and look after yourself - Liz 💕💕

CD, may the force be with you. Come back when you are ready.

John 🙂

Don’t lose heart, like you and not for AF ( cancer and chemotherapy) I am now almost a prisoner at home

Stay safe ❤️

Look after your self CDreamer

I am so grateful for all the help and advice you gave me through this forum and I hope you will come back soon .

Take care stay well sending hugs xx

Big hugs 💗

Look after yourself, you have been so helpful to many on the forum.

Best wishes to you and take care. You've certainly helped me.

You’re so helpful . You will be missed. Look after yourself.

You will be sadly missed CDreamer. From one of the nervous ninnies on here your wise words have guided me enormously so I shall look forward to welcoming you back amongst us when you feel ready. Take care 💝

Hi CD :-) I am with you in spirit in my splendid isolation (+dog).

I felt very vulnerable last week when I had bronchitis but am getting used to things now.

Try not to withdaw for too long :-)

Stay safe, there's a lot of us here in isolation too and not necessarily for AF so we're thinking of you and hope to see you back when this is all over. Sending hugs. 😀💕

You’re going to be so missed on here CD, but you need to put yourself first for once. Take care xx

Very sad you are leaving for a break from the site. I always value your posts, although I do not often write here but more on the Thyoid UK site, as I have no thyroid.

Come back soon with your unique wisdom, please.

Keep safe

Big cyber hug CD - we will miss you. Stay safe. xx

Not too long I hope, stay busy, it will be good to hear from you soon.

You'll be missed, that's for sure, but I totally understand where you are coming from! Take care, be well, and come back soon! Peace! <3 :)

You will be missed, stay safe. Hope your back soon. X

Take care CD, come back soon your support and input is always appreciated from myself, you've helped me balance life a few times and many others I'm sure feel the same , you will be missed 👌

We will miss you. Stay well. Hoping this time will pass and we all get back to “ life as we knew it”. Virtual hugs💜

We have really benefited from your wise words. Stay strong. Keep well. Please come back when your ready xx

Smart for you to regroup and retreat. You have helped so many others. Time to take care of #1 now. Hugs to you 🌺🌸

I hope your break is not for too long CD. Your posts have always been so helpful to me and to so many others. Stay safe and we look forward to your return soon.

Be well and come back as soon as you are ready!

I wish we could help you. Your wise words must have helped so many people on this forum to come to terms with their condition and find peace with it. Certainly that applies to me, and not just in the replies to me, but reading what you have posted to others. I understand you need to find your own peace . thank you for everything.

Stay safe 💜

People aren’t behaving rationally or nicely (some aren’t anyway) at the moment.

Its them not you, but taking yourself away to regain some strength is a good plan.

You will be missed though xxxxxx 😘

Stay safe x

Keep chin up, in the same boat. Plus side is my chocolate stash is lasting longer. All mine now. Xx

Well I for one will certainly miss your extremely helpful replies, so hope it's a very brief period away. I want to beg you not to go, but know that's me being selfish. Come back soon. If you can't manage that tomorrow, how about next week? XXX

All best wishes to you, stay safe and come back when you feel you can : )

This is a time to look after yourself, so go and recharge your batteries and get your smile back. Your intelligent responses on here will be missed, but there will be lots of opportunities for you to help others again in the future.

Take care. Keep safe.

You have been a source of encouragement to many here, including myself. Take care. Looking forward to your return.

Take care CD and stay well xx

Stay safe and well. Take care of yourself. xxx

Keep safe x

Will miss you, your words and devotion to helping people is awesome- the person who said whatever they said, cant hold a candle to you. You are very appreciated and admired in this forum...Take care and be safe xoxo

We are in a very surreal time, everyone unsure how things are going to pan out. Look after yourself and don’t let the ignorance of someone’s response on here effect you for long, there are much more important things in life. Just look at all the good wishes you have received on this site to put things in context. Take care and best wishes and thank you for all your advice.

Thank you for your positive words to me. You helped me through a difficult time so grateful. Take care xx🌹

I am so sad to read that. I will miss your helpful and solid words of advice. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the sunshine (hopefully). Look forward to seeing you back when you’re feeling better which I hope will be soon. For my part I am finding all the advice we are receiving is making me feel old and ill - I have never thought like that before. I’m 77 but previously I have never acknowledged my age. It really has changed the way I feel about myself and I think we need to keep reminding ourselves and each other that although we need to be sensible, we are NOT past it! We’ve still got a lot of living to do! Chin up and good luck.

Morning, CD and others here!

We’re both “self isolating” and not feeling too chuffed at things. As an English teacher, I’ve been teaching a wonderful poem of late and thought you might enjoy a section from it that really helps to sustain me:


“...Come, my friends. ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.

Push off, and sitting well in order smite

the sounding furrows; for my purpose holds

To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths

Of all the western stars, until I die.

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down;

It may be that we shall touch the Happy Isles,

And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.

Though much is taken, much abides; and though

We are not now that strength which in old days

Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are—

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”


Alfred Lord Tennyson - from Ulysses



in reply to Ppiman

Hi Ppiman, love the poem, takes me back to my school days and my old English teacher who was always reciting poetry. Thank you it was a pleasant surprise.

Stay safe, love reading your posts

Take care and don't worry too much x

Hi CDreamer, yes, withdraw, re-assess, regroup and please return as soon as you feel it's the right time, you are part of the family I'm so glad to have joined and I will miss you.

Stay safe CD, love and best wishes xx

Stay safe, take care of yourself and we will hear from you when you feel able

I will miss your wise posts CD you have helped me enormously since I started my Afib journey for which I heartily thank you but now is the time for you to take care of you and yours. Take care and stay healthy. X

Thanks for all your very helpful posts. Stay well. Best wishes Kath.

Hope to see you back soon. Stay safe


CDreamer, I am all fired up on your behalf. There are a few totally selfless people on the forum who take considerable time and trouble to give very detailed knowledgeable helpful replies and you are up there with them. I shall put away my notebook where I make notes of all the information you freely give and look forward to your return. Please don't be a stranger. Take great care of yourself xxx

Take care and best wishes

So sorry to hear this. You helped me greatly especially with your message when I was struggling over a decision about a pacemaker. Thank you so much for your support. Take care. Courage to you in the coming weeks.

Best wishes. Stay strong as always. X

So sorry, will miss your input, keep optimistic and happy, good luck

Stay well. We'll miss your input, come back soon.

Wisdom is not easily found and has to be cherished. I look forward to your return. Enjoy the sunshine and take care.

Oh CDreamer I'm sorry to read this post and that you have been upset.

We certainly do not need any negativity anywhere at the moment.

Understand but hope to see you here again in due course with your wise counsel and kind support.

Best wishes xxx

Good Morning CDreamer. ,

Sorry you are feeling Vulnerable and upset, hope you feel better soon. This morning for the first time everwhile laying in bed I to felt very sad when thinking about life and how people are suffering especially those that have mouths to feed , Mortgages to pay etc. I felt guilty because I have family around me a and financially, I am secure. Life is so unfair, remember: Daniel 2:19-23 Trust in the lord and do good; Dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm37:3-4 After reading this I went for my run, it was hard [hearty pounding like a drum] so I sat on the gate of a field near by and looking out across the field everything looked wonderful, bright Sunlight, flowers in the hedge row and horses in the far distance. This made me remember as a boy on my Grandfathers farm how we when out in the fields he would stop and look across the fields to the farm . "Boy" he would say, when out like this it makes all our fears and worries go away and life feels fine. He was right. CDreamer you have given me good advice in the past, so please take advice from this old soldier. Things are never as bad as they appear, smile and count your blessings. All the best and get well soon.

I'm not sure when you'll next see this.... but I want you to know how much I appreciate your contact and support over the years. Stay safe.

Cyber hug x


I am so sorry... I look for your name when I read our forum and as I am on my own, certain names come up and I think... there is a response from a friend. Don't stay away too long I will get withdrawal symptoms from the loss of another person to speak too.

Big love

Look after yourself. You have been a great source of reassuring and sensible advice. Some "you" time is so important.

Be safe!! Xx

Oh bless you. Please stay safe and well. I was once upset at a reply I got but it was just that once and I thought that person needs to get over themselves. This site is so lovely and helpful with such sweet people giving great advice. Come back when you are ready , stay safe 🙏🏻 Love Ursula xx

Please take care of yourself CD. I always read your posts and like others here will miss them a lot. Hope you will be back soon.


Don’t let the b.....ds get you down.

Stay strong/stay safe


Stay safe, feel the sun on your face and practice your slow deep breathing. Relax and feel the strength of all the people on this site rooting for you and willing you to feel better.

It’s extremely important that everyone, everyone, listens to the governments’ guidelines on this global problem and people must stop this silliness and arrogance I’m British nonsense and grow up and whoever feels that they don’t want to stay put for several weeks is putting others in danger and themselves. Looking at pictures from the weekend in Brighton; London and other parts of the country, it seems what I’ve said above is very clear.

As difficult as that is for many to sit still for five minutes, this problem doesn’t go away because we don’t want to isolate for a minimum of three weeks. But the government and Police are ready to act. So let’s all hear what we’re being told and respect there is a serious reason for it to be enforced; people are dying!

My utmost respect and humility goes to those NHS professionals who are doing the best they can under such unprecedented circumstances. Let’s spare a thought for them and their families and follow what has been so aptly asked of us to do.

Best regards to everyone.

Seems (as you know I expect) that some people react to stress by becoming aggressive. I hope you are able to regain your balance soon and come back soon as many people are wanting to support you. I'm quoting from the 'Servant Song' :

Will you let me be your servant

Let me be as Christ to you

Pray that I might have the grace

To let you be my servant too 💜

Sorry to hear this - you are one of the stalwarts of the forum sharing your knowledge and experience. I found your posts very encouraging from when I first joined the forum and you provided much needed reassurance helping me see there is life after AF. Sadly there will always be a minority who manage to upset others. Just grateful that most on here are as compassionate as you. Hope you feel able to return to the forum in the future. Take care.

I will miss you

This too will pass

Stay strong

Just an amazing women, thank you so much for everything you have done for me

As I hope you know, from all of the loving comments here, you will indeed be missed. Be well, stay safe, and hope to read your kind and helpful words here again, soon.

Lovely lady please let us know how you are when you feel ready

Look after yourself. You are a nice person . Hugs to you.

NO! You probably have no idea how much you will be missed! Be well and come back soon.

Stay safe - Best wishes

Take care and keep well, come back soon!

CD. Goodbye for now but please come back soon as you are my rock and talker of common sense when reason has left me. I wish we could be there for you now. These are very strange times and we must all do whatever we can to maintain our health and sanity.

I will be thinking of you x

Be gentle with yourself, I hope you have whatever you need to stay safe and well. 😊💕🌸🌹🌞🎂🍹🍬🍕🍗virtual treats😉😉


Enjoyed and appreciated your many very helpful contributions. Please return asap and wishing you well.

Please keep well and make sure your withdrawal is short lived, we truly need people like you , and you in particular, to help us through our moments of need. Max x

Take care and come back soon as you always have something interesting and helpful to say !


Take care and keep safe and thank you for all your helpful posts

I echo everyone’s comments - take care and please come back soon - we will really miss you - take care xx

There is always one that can upset us and it is to keep us on our toes and on guard but there are many many people who hold you on high regard. Have a rest and come back stronger CD. Love & best wishes x

I'm sorry you have taken that decision but it's right for you so we fully support you. Stay safe and we hope to hear your pearls of wisdom soon!

I'm wondering...since I have had no recurrence of afib since my ablation, am i still considered high risk

Stay safe and come back soon CD x

You are a wise, intelligent, well researched lady who spoke from the heart. We need you. Look forward to your return.

I am sorry that you are in a high endangered group and must stay indoors as advised. Thank you for the good advice you have often given me Please take no notice of the ignorant snide who upset you. Come back as soon as you can,God Bless us all. Gladie xx

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