Will my ablation go ahead if I am in AF?

Advice please. I have come off my usual twice daily dose of 100mg flecainide in preparation for my ablation, due to take place at St Tomas' this Friday and have gone into fast AF. Does anyone know if they will go ahead if I am still in AF on Friday? Many thanks

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  • Yes I think they will. It's no bad thing, indeed in many ablations they actually need to stress the heart to go into AF so they can see where it's originating from!

  • Absolutely. I asked the same thing before the procedure. The EP will actually induce it to do the ablation - so that they are in the right area.

  • Most definitely - the worst case is when they can't induce you into AF during the operation

  • I was in af during my ablation and had been for the 3 weeks beforehand. The cardiologist said it was easier for him as he could see the areas that needed ablating easier

  • Yes they will. I was in AF when I had the procedure and they stopped it. Good luck

  • If in doubt call st thomas arrhythmia nurse or your EP secretary and ask her for your ep's advice. I am an af patient with st Thomas hospital and have found them excellent and very responsive. Good luck for Friday, you are in excellent hands with them, they are great.

  • Yes, I think they would prefer it that way. It makes it easier for them to spot the rogue locations. I was in AF just prior to my second ablation.

  • My last ablation was aborted because they couldn't get me to go into AF, not even with stimulation.

    Of course, my AF came back a few days later.....gggggrrrrr

  • It's much better to be in AF during the ablation. That way they can identify the areas where the rogue impulses come from. I was complimented by my EP because my heart did a "big fireworks display" on the ablation and they were able to work on it!!! Much luck

  • I had my ablation 2 weeks ago and was in AF before it, throughout and after it was completed. I was cardioverted with the defib at the end to get back into NSR. Best wishes for your ablation and recovery :)

  • Hi the replies sound logical. Can I ask who your EP is at stake thomas'

  • Yes, appreciate all the replies. My EP is Mark O'Neill. I see him privately through my private healthcare but he is based at St Thomas'. I really like him. He is very factual, calm, clear and evidence-based.

  • Mark did my first and only ablation in November 2013. He took me off all meds (bisoprolol) on the same day but kept me on anticoagulant. It took 5 months for everything to settle down but then all went quiet and no more AF! BLISS!!

    So good luck. You are in good hands. I'm sure it will go ahead but no harm in giving them a ring.

  • Thanks thats reassuring to hear. Fingers crossed I will be as lucky as you :) PS - the AF stopped earlier today which is also a relief.

  • Yes. If you get really horrible and decide to go to the ER make sure they know you are having an ablation. Last thing you want is it 100% stopped and patched. Then the ablation would be rescheduled if on meds and can not induce afib.

  • Well they did for me for both my ablations for Afib. I was even in persistant Afib for the second one.

    Best of luck for Friday. And remember to take it easy afterwards.

  • Forgot to say, that for my first ablation, which was very successful, I had to come off anti-arrhythmic drugs a few days prior to the ablation to make sure I was in AF for the procedure. Back then I was persistent and the EP said that would make it easier to locate and it made it more likely that he would know straight away whether he had "got it or not" (his words). He was right and he did "get it". I stayed off the drugs afterwards except anticoagulants.

    I hope yours works well for you.

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