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Afib with heart rate 147


Hi I am rheumatic heart patient and suffering from afin. I have gone 5-6 times through electro-cardioversion. doctor has prescribed amiodaron 100mg alternate day, warf , metropolol 50mg, thyrox 50microg.

now am in afib with hear rate 147 and bp 120/87. what should I do now? wait for a few hrs to settle it normal or go for medical help?

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I see this was posted 5 hours ago and I'm wondering how you are now? If your heart as still at that rate and making you feel ill I would seek medical advice.

Wishing you well.


thanks Jean

heart-rate is same now. I am preparing for hospital now. the hospital is 175 kns from here, but I have no other option now.

Hope you get on ok, what a long journey for you! Please let me know how you get on.


I'm ok now with new 72 after cardiavert.

thank u

Pleased to hear that. Are you at home again now?

mbhakta in reply to mbhakta

I mean normal sinus rythm 72.



mbhakta in reply to mbhakta

just returning to my home.

Just now seeing this, hope you are much better and continue on that way! I had AFib W/RVR once (it's usually just "plain" AFib), and my HR was clocked @ 170! Very uncomfortable and concerning! I opted to go to ER, they sent me home after a few tests, told me to see my regular cardiologist. Luckily I've not had anything but "plain" AFib since. Be well!

mbhakta in reply to siouxbee19

thanx siouxbee.

thanx aufgeblassen

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